2013 NFL Week 5 AFC Power Rankings: Broncos, Chiefs, Colts, Patriots, Ravens, Dolphins and More


Week 5 in the NFL brought even more parity to the already wide-open AFC. The Broncos obviously hold on to the top spot, but where does your team rank? Here are your week 6 power rankings:

#1 Denver Broncos

            Defense took a step backwards and the offense showed signs of being human in the 4th quarter, but this team is still in a class of their own.

#2 Kansas City Chiefs

            Wasn’t a very impressive win over a Ryan Fitzpatrick led Titans team, but the Chiefs got it done again on the road in week 5. This might be the most balanced team in the AFC.

#3 Indianapolis Colts

            Putting up 34 points against the Seahawks is no easy task no matter where they are playing. Maybe this team can give Peyton a rude homecoming in a few weeks.

#4 New England Patriots

            I don’t think anyone is ready to panic in New England yet, but putting up only 6 points is a big red flag for the Pats. Defense continues to be solid though and Gronk should be back next week (although we’ve heard that before).

#5 Baltimore Ravens

            I am shocked. The Ravens really did follow through and give the ball to Ray Rice more. If they continue to do this and not allow Joe Flacco to prove his insufficiencies week in and week out, this team might actually be a playoff factor.

#6 Miami Dolphins

            Sunday was a tough home loss coming off a beat down in New Orleans. Tannehill showed again that he is for real though and I still think this team will be a factor in the Wild Card race.

#7 Cleveland Browns

            As surprised as I am to be writing this, it is time to give the Browns some respect. They may not be beating the best teams in the league, but they have now won 3 in a row since their much-maligned trade of RB Trent Richardson.

#8 Cincinnati Bengals

            The more Bengals games I watch, the more I realize that Andy Dalton is not the answer. He has far too many weapons to only be putting up the 23rd most points in the league.

#9 Tennessee Titans

            I have this team in the top 10, but with Jake Locker out, I could see them falling very quickly. Chris Johnson has not been effective and Ryan Fitzpatrick looked inept on Sunday.

#10 New York Jets

            I believe this Jets defense is the real deal. However, Geno Smith is still a streaky rookie prone to the bad decision, so I would be pretty surprised if this team peaks anymore than they already have.

#11 Houston Texans

            After a heart breaking home loss to the Seahawks, the Texans went out west and got pounded by the 49ers. Now there is a QB competition and based on what we have seen, neither competitor gives this team a great shot to do anything special. 

#12 Buffalo Bills

            Thad Lewis is starting for this team in week 6. That should tell you the shape that they are in.

#13 Oakland Raiders

            I was extremely impressed with Terrelle Pryor on Sunday night and would not be surprised if this team wins 5/6 games if he stays healthy.

#14 San Diego Chargers

            This team continues to give false hope to their fan base. It’s been nice to see Antonio Gates healthy though.

#15 Pittsburgh Steelers

             Hard to see a way out of the mess the Steelers are in. Antonio Brown has been good for my fantasy team though.

#16 Jacksonville Jaguars

            Tebow rumors continue to swirl….Shoot, even Mark Brunell rumors should be swirling at this point. 

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