2013 NFL Week 4 AFC Power Rankings: Broncos, Patriots, Chiefs, Colts, Dolphins, Texans and More


Week 4 is in the books and just like every other week in this 2013 campaign, there were plenty more surprising performances. How did that effect your team in the AFC power rankings though? Here are your week 5 power rankings for the AFC:

#1 Denver Broncos

            I am running out of superlatives at this point. However, the combined record of their opponents to this point is 4-12 and they have played only 1 game on the road, so I am not ready to predict an undefeated season…yet. 

#2 New England Patriots

            The loss of Vince Wilfork is a brutal one for the 4-0 Pats and their run defense. However, the offense is starting to look light-years better and help is still on the way.

#3 Kansas City Chiefs

            Much like the Broncos, the Chiefs opponents are only 3-13 at this point. I know this team is for real, but I want to see more before I believe they are this good.

#4 Indianapolis Colts

            After having some shaky games in the first couple weeks, the Colts are starting to look much more like a team that could win the AFC South.

#5 Miami Dolphins

            A matchup against Drew Brees in New Orleans is no small task for anyone., so it’s hard to hold that against them too much. They are not a team built for the shootout. This team is still solid though and should be able to rebound just fine. 

#6 Houston Texans

            One terrible decision by Matt Schaub cost this team a huge win over the undefeated Seahawks. Makes me wonder yet again if Schaub can take this team to where they want to be?

#7 Tennessee Titans

            I haven’t been real impressed by any of their wins yet, but they are taking care of business and beating teams they should. Their future will largely depend on the health of Jake Locker though.

#8 San Diego Chargers

            This might be a little bit of a stretch, but I find myself rooting for this team to be for real. They have now put up the 2nd most points in the AFC.

#9 Cleveland Browns

            A huge win over the Bengals gives the Browns the highest spot out of the entire AFC North. Speaking of which, that division is right there for the taking at this point.

#10 Cincinnati Bengals

            Andy Dalton cannot take this team to the next level. I have always believed that and never more than I do today.

#11 Buffalo Bills

            From here on down you could really mix and match and I would have no argument. Bills just intercepted Flacco 5 times though, so I gave them the edge this week.

#12 Baltimore Ravens

            Joe Flacco continues to show everyone just how overrated he is. I feel bad for Ray Rice at this point. I wish they would trade him to a team that would use him the way he deserves to be used.

#13 New York Jets

            Well, I know its still early, but Geno Smith certainly doesn’t seem to be the answer. Bilal Powell has been a bright spot though.

#14 Oakland Raiders

            If Terrelle Pryor is healthy, I think the Raiders would’ve beat the Redskins on Sunday. Matt Flynn is not built to play behind the Raiders leaky offensive line.

#15 Pittsburgh Steelers  

            After losing to the Vikings, if the Steelers don’t get in the win column after having 2 weeks to prepare for the Jets, it could be a while before we see Big Ben and company get their first win.

#16 Jacksonville Jaguars

            This team is an embarrassment. Blaine Gabbert has produced 2 field goals and no TD’s this year. MJD and Tim Tebow running the spread option every play could do that much.

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