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2013 NFL Week 3 Picks and Predictions

Will the Giants, Panthers, Redskins, Steelers, or Browns get their first win this week? Will the Colts be able to upset the 49ers with their new addition in Trent Richardson? Here are Week 3 predictions from your NFL writers at Opposing Views:

(Cole Stevenson: 13-2 overall)

(Bryan Zarpentine: 10-5 overall)

Bryan Zarpentine: Cincinnati 27, Green Bay 24 – The Bengals are at home and they have the defense to slow down Aaron Rodgers just a little, and that’s enough to get the win.

Cole Stevenson: Green Bay 28, Cincinnati 20 –After what I saw from Rodgers last week, I can’t bring myself to bet against him.

Bryan Zarpentine: Minnesota 20, Cleveland 6 – The Vikings don’t get much going offensively, but it’s more than the Browns can manage without Trent Richardson.

Cole Stevenson: Minnesota 24, Cleveland 9 – The best RB in the league will take over this game against a team that is now lacking a RB.

Bryan Zarpentine: St. Louis 28, Dallas 21 – Dallas can’t run the ball and they don’t defend the pass very well, and those are two of the Ram’s strengths, enabling them to get the win on the road.

Cole Stevenson: Dallas 27, St Louis 20 – I hate picking Dallas after they let me down last week, but I need to see that this young St. Louis team can win on the road.

Bryan Zarpentine: Detroit 35, Washington 21 – More of the same from the Redskins, as they get behind early and aren’t strong enough offensively to comeback, as Matthew Stafford has his way with the Washington secondary.

Cole Stevenson: Washington 27, Detroit 23 – I think the defense will be just good enough and RG3 will run more read option, which will open up the offense.

Bryan Zarpentine: Tennessee 17, San Diego 13 – Tennessee’s defense is far better than the defense Phillip Rivers and the Chargers faced last week in Philadelphia.  Rivers gets frustrated and eventually throws a couple 4th quarter picks, giving the Titans the win.

Cole Stevenson: Tennessee 20, San Diego 17 – In San Diego I might switch my pick, but being on the east coast the second week in a row is too much for the Chargers.

Bryan Zarpentine: New England Patriots 17, Tampa Bay 7 – I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bucs win this, because they have the defense that can slow down Tom Brady, but they are such a mess that it’s hard to imagine them getting their act together on the road in New England.

Cole Stevenson: New England 20, Tampa Bay 13 – Huge possibility for an upset here with how the Tampa Bay defense has been playing, but it’s hard to bet against Tom Brady when his counterpart is Josh Freeman.

Bryan Zarpentine: New Orleans 41, Arizona 31 – This one gets a little out of control, but the Saints at home are just too much and their defense does just enough to secure the win.

Cole Stevenson: New Orleans 34, Arizona 25 – Drew Brees should not lose a shootout at home to Carson Palmer.

Bryan Zarpentine: New York Giants 28, Carolina 17 – Even against a bad Giant’s secondary, Cam Newton can’t do enough to put one in the win column, as Eli Manning only turns the ball over twice, which is a sign of improvement and enough to beat the Panthers.

Cole Stevenson: New York Giants 24, Carolina 21 – Eli will have to do it practically himself, but I think he can and will.

Bryan Zarpentine: Baltimore 24, Houston 21 – The Texans haven’t been the most impressive 2-0 team, and they won’t get to 3-0 after a game in Baltimore, as the Ravens have finally shook off their week 1 disaster in Denver.

Cole Stevenson: Baltimore 23, Houston 21 – Really tempted to pick Houston in this one, but they haven’t given me a ton of reason to trust them, yet.

Bryan Zarpentine: Miami 27, Atlanta 21 – The Falcons don’t have the secondary or the pass rush to both Ryan Tannehill, who looks impressive and continues to form a strong connection with Mike Wallace.

Cole Stevenson: Atlanta 27, Miami 24 – As much as Ryan Tannehill has impressed in his first two games, I am going to roll with Matt Ryan and his offensive weapons.

Bryan Zarpentine: Buffalo 21, New York Jets 13 – As the head coach of Syracuse, Doug Marrone was 3-0 when Geno Smith was the starter for the opposing team, and that trend will continue.  The Buffalo high-tempo offense will eventually tire out the Jets defense, as E.J. Manuel strikes late after Mario Williams spends all day terrorizing Smith.

Cole Stevenson: Buffalo 24, New York Jets 17 – Great stat from Bryan and I completely agree. Could see this thing getting out of hand if the Bills go up early.

Bryan Zarpentine: San Francisco 21, Indianapolis 17 – This game is closer than people think it’ll be, but the 49er defense is just too tough for Andrew Luck.

Cole Stevenson: San Francisco 27, Indianapolis 20 – I could very easily see Kaepernick making up for last week and shredding this defense.

Bryan Zarpentine: Seattle 28, Jacksonville 3 – This game is a laugher, but it gives the Seattle offense to find a rhythm and build off of its second half from last week.

Cole Stevenson: Seattle 31, Jacksonville “as few as the Seahawks desire” – Not a whole lot to say here, except: Congrats if you have Seattle’s defense in your fantasy league this week.

Bryan Zarpentine: Chicago 17, Pittsburgh 7 – The Bears don’t need a 4th quarter comeback this time, but they do have a tough time against the Pittsburgh defense, but with little help around Ben Roethlisberger on offense, the Steelers never look like a threat to win this game.

Cole Stevenson: Chicago 20, Pittsburgh 10 – Agree with Bryan completely.

Bryan Zarpentine: Denver 34, Oakland 17 – Terrelle Pyror has his moments, but Oakland’s defense isn’t going to be the one to tame Denver’s offense.

Cole Stevenson: Denver 37, Oakland 13 – I could easily see this being the biggest laugher of the week….as could most. 

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