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2013 NFL Week 2 AFC Power Rankings: Broncos, Patriots, Texans, Chiefs, Dolphins and More

Week two is in the books and it’s the usual suspects at the top of the AFC power rankings. See how your team stacks up against the rest of the AFC:

#1 Denver Broncos

             This team is on another planet right now. They have outscored every other team by at least 24 points and Peyton Manning alone has more TD’s than every other TEAM in the league.  

#2 New England Patriots

            The offense still looks miserable, but the defense has stood up nicely and Tom Brady is still the quarterback for this team. Help is on the way and, given some time, Brady will establish a better relationship with his young WR’s.

#3 Houston Texans

            You would’ve expected a better showing from the Texans defense the first two weeks, but their offense has bailed them out. DeAndre Hopkins looks like he might be that #2 WR that they have needed for years behind Andre Johnson.

#4 Kansas City Chiefs

            Unless you’re a Broncos, Raiders, or Chargers fan, it’s hard not to be happy for this team and their 2-0 start to the season. The defense has been stellar, giving up the 2nd fewest points in the NFL behind only the Seahawks. 

#5 Miami Dolphins

            Most people didn’t give this team much of a shot at the beginning of the year, but they have shut up some doubters with back-to-back road wins. I have said all along that this team is well capable of earning a wild card spot and that appears to be the case right now.

#6 Baltimore Ravens

            This team is this high out of respect for the fact that they are defending world champions. Joe Flacco is still nowhere near elite and I would not be surprised if this team completely misses the playoffs.

#7 Cincinnati Bengals

            This Bengals defense looked solid on Monday night, but it’s hard to tell how much of that had to do with the Steelers deficiencies. I really liked what I saw from their running game against a solid run defending team in the Steelers though.

#8 Buffalo Bills

            What a great win for the Bills and rookie E.J. Manuel at home over the Panthers. I am nowhere near sold on this team going forward, but it’s hard to find another team to put in front of them.

#9 Indianapolis Colts

            I have said since the preseason that this team would be nowhere as good as last year, but I expected a better start than this. They looked shaky against the Raiders and lost what might end up being a crucial game (wild card wise) against the Dolphins in week 2.

#10 Tennessee Titans

            It was an impressive game for the Titans in Houston this week, but I need to see more before they go any higher than 10. I don’t have a problem with Jake Locker, I just don’t think he’ll ever be THE guy for an NFL team.

#11 New York Jets

            I really do feel bad for the Jets defense, because they are the real deal. In the end though, this is a QB league and this team’s fate rests in the hands of their rookie QB Geno Smith.

#12 San Diego Chargers

            Chargers went from miserable to hopeful in a week. Phillip Rivers looked like the 2008-2010 version of Phillip Rivers against Philadelphia and led an inspired game winning drive. The jury remains out on the defense though.

#13 Oakland Raiders

            Raiders beat the Jaguars in week 2, but I am not sure if that is a good thing. Might have cost them the #1 overall pick. Seriously though, Terrelle Pryor has looked much better than I think anyone expected.

#14 Pittsburgh Steelers

            This team is atrocious offensively. No running game, no pass protection, and no points. The only reason I have them ahead of Cleveland is because they still have a super bowl QB in Ben Roethlisberger.

#15 Cleveland Browns

            All I heard all offseason was how the Browns were going to surprise some people. Didn’t see it then, and I am still waiting to see it now. Only the Jaguars have scored fewer points.

#16 Jacksonville Jaguars

            You know you’re in rough shape when your backup QB puts up 9 points and is considered a vast improvement over your starting QB.

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