2013 NFL Preseason Power Rankings: Buccaneers, Bills, Browns, Chiefs, Raiders and More

Rounding out the offseason power rankings are the teams ranked 22-32:

#22- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

            This team found a stud in Doug Martin, but the Jury is still out on Josh Freeman. Freeman, after a very promising rookie campaign, looked completely and utterly lost for stretches of the 2012 season. The fate of the Bucs 2013 season rests in his hands at this point.

#23- Detroit Lions

            If the Lions can find a more consistent running game and offensive line to surround Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson with, this team might be able to accomplish some things. Otherwise their drives will continue to look like this: penalty, sack, Johnson reception, penalty, short run, incomplete to Johnson in triple coverage, punt.

#24- Cleveland Browns

            Not sure what I think of Brandon Weedon yet, but this team has more questions that him. New coaches, a new defensive scheme, and a lack of LB are more critical question marks right now.

#25- Buffalo Bills

            If this team continues to realize what a playmaker they have in C.J. Spiller and continue to get him the ball, I think Ryan Fitzpatrick will be ‘good enough’. If the defense would keep the opposing team from dropping 30 points in a half, that might help too.

#26- Philadelphia Eagles

            Who is NFL newcomer Chip Kelly going to go with at QB? Well, it’s not really going to matter unless they can get their offensive line straightened out. As bad as Michael Vick was last year, to be fair, he was running for his life almost every play. With that being said, I cannot wait to see how Chip Kelly’s offense will fare at the NFL level.

#27- Arizona Cardinals

            While the Cardinals offense was absolutely embarrassing last season, the defense fared okay (5th ranked passing defense). Especially when you consider that they were on the field probably more than every other defensive unit in the league. The QB situation is still a mess and it doesn’t appear that they are close to finding an answer, so don’t expect too much more than last year, but it has to be a little bit better… right?

#28- New York Jets

            Words cannot even describe the debacle in New York anymore. There isn’t much (if anything) to like about this team as of right now. Revis is most likely leaving and the league’s worst QB over the last 2 years will be starting week 1. On the bright side, at least Tebowmania should be gone so we don’t have to hear about their ineptness every week.

#29- Tennessee Titans

            The Titans have plenty of cap space and some decent options in the draft to bolster their O-line. They should just ask Chris Johnson who he wants blocking for him and then give him the ball 35 times a game.

#30- Kansas City Chiefs

            The Chiefs are only ahead of the Jaguars because they had more overall talent last year, and have better draft picks. Otherwise, it’s a toss up. We are about to find out how good Andy Reid really is.

#31- Jacksonville Jaguars

            Until this team realizes that Blaine Gabbert is not the answer, they won’t be much higher than this. MJD could carry this team to 2 or 3 wins, but I would be SHOCKED at anything more than that at this point. Maybe they will draft well for a change though.

#32- Oakland Raiders

            After losing 8 of their last 9, the Raiders didn’t even leave us hope for 2013. What’s next? Well, players will be running the 40-yard dash at the combine this week….other than that, not a whole lot to be excited about in Oakland. 

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