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2013 NFL Mock Draft V4.0: Picks 8-15

The 2013 NFL Draft is still three months away, but most franchises have been dutifully researching potential prospects for the better part of the last year. Whereas draft position and team needs tend to change as the pro football season progresses, talent does not.

The young guys who showed they were NFL-ready at the start of the college season had their names put on watch lists before they even played their first game of the year.

By the time the bowl games rolled around, half of the franchises out there had already made a decision on whether they were worth a pick (at some point) or not.

Make no mistake about it, the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are the only two teams in pro football who still care about what’s going on in the NFL these days. Everyone else has moved on.

Without a doubt, the most interesting thing to watch for in this year’s draft is going to be how changing perceptions towards the value of offense and defense will impact the proceedings. What happens when you get a bunch of offensive-minded coaches together, give them high picks, and then ask them to participate in a draft comprised largely of defensive studs and offensive line players?

We’ll all find out soon enough.

With that in mind, check out our projections for picks 8-15 here.

[Check out picks 1-7 here]

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