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2013 NFL Mock Draft V4.0: Picks 1-32

The 2013 NFL Draft will be very indicative of where football as a whole is going. Over the past five years, under the guise of player safety, franchise owners and league officials have been trying to make their teams more about scoring than preventing the other team from scoring. The days of being able to win strictly on a rushing attack and a hard-nosed, gritty defense are dead and gone; now it’s all about coming to the shootout with more bullets in your gun.

As has been mentioned frequently over the past week, this year’s draft is comprised of players that completely go against what today’s NFL front offices are looking for. They want style, flash and glitz; the guys coming out of college this year, the really talented ones, are defensive studs that most of America hasn’t heard of.

GMs would have loved it if Matt Barkley and Tyler Wilson had ultra-successful seasons and become this year’s RGIII and Andrew Luck. They would have loved it if Marcus Lattimore stayed healthy and could be sold as the marquee available star running back to change their franchise’s fortunes.

Instead they are getting defensive studs like Star Lotulelei and Jarvis Jones, and quality o-line contributors like Luke Joeckel. These guys go completely against the style over substance mentality with which teams have been handling their business as of late.

This will be a very important year for the direction of the NFL. Either all of these ultra-talented defensive stars and o-lineman will help reinforce how important how they are to long-term success, or they will flop and we will continue to watch this league turn into the pass-happy, no-defense circus act it has been.

Over the past week we have been putting together our own version of a 2013 NFL Mock Draft. You can check out all of the picks below.  

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