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2013 NFL Mock Draft V1.0: Picks 8-15

One of the really interesting things to watch for in the 2013 NFL Draft is how stacked the first round ends up being. Generally speaking, drafts will have their stars at the top, impactful non-big names in the middle, and risky enigmas at the bottom.

This year is different – or at least it feels different.

You have at least three quarterbacks (and as many as five) who, by year’s end, could be legitimate top 20 picks. You have three wide receivers who have the talent to go in the top 25, and that’s not even counting the ones who will inevitably impress this season. You have a bevy of defensive stars (thank you, SEC) who will likely jockey for top 15 selections as the year progresses.

The offensive line players will probably be victims of circumstance (this kind of feels like a defense-first draft), but there are guys to be had if teams need to fill certain spots.

Really, the only position going through a drought right now is running back – and that’s sort of to be expected. Between the lack of proven talent this season and the general indifference GMs have shown towards running backs over the past five years (Trent Richardson being the obvious exception, but we’ll see what happens with that), seeing only one (two, max) backs go in the first won’t shock anyone.

Just a few bits of maintenance before we jump into the picks…

From yesterday, here is how we picked the order:

As far as the order goes – we used the one that CBS Sports put together for their draft board. They didn’t really provide an explanation for how they came up with it, however, presumably it was based off power rankings or preseason predictions or something. It really doesn’t matter. For the first few weeks, mock drafts are more about talent evaluation and comparing prospects to other prospects playing the same position than they are about filling needs. That’ll change as the NFL season kicks off and the college football season progresses.

And an explanation as to why certain players who didn’t get much love on Saturday (read: Sam Montgomery) are still on the board:

Finally, it’s also worth keeping in mind that players who were already on your radar are more likely to stay on your radar after Week 1, even if they performed poorly. And on the flip side, players who weren’t on your radar but may have had good games, unfortunately, will need to prove that their first week showings weren’t flukes before they can become mainstays atop the draft board.

With all that said, here is how we see picks 8-15 turning out.

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