2013 NFL Mock Draft V1.0: Picks 16-23

The depth of the 2013 NFL Draft will become really apparent in the second half of the first round. Whereas the first half of the proceedings will likely feature a bunch of household names that are universally viewed as top-tier prospects, the second half is where you’ll start seeing some contentiousness.

Generally speaking, the second 16 picks is where two types of players get selected: 1.) the hardworking but not very talented smart college stars and 2.) ultra-talented stars with character issues.

In this year’s draft, there is actually enough pure talent to last until at least the 25th pick. The only reason you’ll see arguments about whether or not guys deserve to go in this portion of the proceedings is because, inevitably, folks will have differing opinions on how certain guys’ skills will translate at the next level.

Anyway, before getting we get to picks 16-23, a few things to keep in mind about how this mock draft got put together:

Here is how we picked the order:

As far as the order goes – we used the one that CBS Sports put together for their draft board. They didn’t really provide an explanation for how they came up with it, however, presumably it was based off power rankings or preseason predictions or something. It really doesn’t matter. For the first few weeks, mock drafts are more about talent evaluation and comparing prospects to other prospects playing the same position than they are about filling needs. That’ll change as the NFL season kicks off and the college football season progresses.

And an explanation as to why certain players who didn’t get much love on Saturday (read: Sam Montgomery) are still on the board:

Finally, it’s also worth keeping in mind that players who were already on your radar are more likely to stay on your radar after Week 1, even if they performed poorly. And on the flip side, players who weren’t on your radar but may have had good games, unfortunately, will need to prove that their first week showings weren’t flukes before they can become mainstays atop the draft board.

With all that in mind, here is how we see picks nos. 16-23 going.

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