2013 NFL Mock Draft: Top 5 Quarterbacks Available

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1 – Matt Barkley  USC  SR  6-2  230

Barkley’s height may come into question.  Listed at 6-2 there is a possibility that he may be 6-1. Barkley also displays inconsistency in accuracy.  This may be due to when set he has a wide base and at times tends to take a hop step upon release.

Barkley doesn’t present the physical tools one would look for in a #1 Pick; however what does separate Barkley is his understanding of the offense and ability to go through his entire progression.  Barkley has an attitude were he relishes the moment, performing his best under pressure.  Look for Barkley to put up big numbers this upcoming season with the Trojans.

2 – Logan Thomas  Virginia Tech  R-JR  6-6  262

Thomas displays the arm talent that enables him to make every throw.  Thomas’s ceiling is through the roof.  Having played Tight End in High School Thomas is still learning the Quarterback position so there is more room to learn as far as reading coverage’s and having pocket integrity.

Physically gifted Thomas has great lateral movement and looks to be physical when he breaks the pocket. Thomas has the upside that may push Barkley for that coveted #1 Pick.  I anticipate Thomas taking that next step forward this upcoming season.

3 – Tyler Wilson  Arkansas  R-SR  6-3  220

I love the since of urgency Wilson exhibits in the pocket but at the same token he tends to rush things when moved off his spot which leads to poor decisions.  Wilson needs to show a stronger base with improved balance.  He breaks the pocket entirely too soon instead of going through all progressions which he has the ability to do so.  Wilson does show good foot quickness in the pocket and ability to step up and deliver the ball under pressure, tough kid.

I do question his deep ball strength but he possesses a quick release with good rotation on the ball from short to mid range.   I look forward to seeing if Wilson can improve on his technique and poise in pocket.

4 – Tyler Bray  Tennessee   JR  6-6  213

Bray is a tough kid whom loves to compete.  Bray is a long athlete that needs to add more overall size in order to take blows at the next level.  When set Bray displays a good release with the capability to fit the ball in tight windows.

I do have issues with Bray’s decision making but I would hope that will improve with more experience.  I’ve been high on Bray since the first time I saw him two years ago, and as long as he can stay on schedule then I plan on Bray being a 1st Round talent.

T-5 – Mike Glennon  North Carolina State  SR  6-6 232

Glennon has great size for a Quarterback at the next level.  He stands tall in the pocket with proper balance, appropriate footwork and torque on the ball.   Glennon does an excellent job of consistently going through progressions and staying patient under pressure, stepping up in the pocket.

With Glennon’s size, arm strengh and mechanics I feel as if he has a chance to surprise in next year’s class.

T-5 – Landry Jones  Oklahoma  SR  6-4  229

Jones seems to have trouble staying confident.  At times he is inconsistent but when set with correct balance he is very accurate with good spin.

A rhythm passer, Jones started last season off stronger but his production seemed to taper off as the year went along.  I was glad to see Jones decide to return for his senior year to work on his game and move forward on his development.  Jones on field production will determine if he can rise on the list.

Honorable Mention – Geno Smith  West Virginia  SR  6-3  214

Smith has a live arm with good foot quickness in the pocket.  A problem that I saw with Smith was that he doesn’t use good eye manipulation, tends to stare down Wide Out.

Smith on occasion will rush his footwork especially under pressure.  With his arm talent and mobility Smith will try and prove to Scouts that he deserves to be in the discussion with the other top Quarterbacks.

Trey Randall is the Director of Player Personnel for the Eastern Kentucky Drillers, Arena Football and the Co-Owner/Director of Operations for Gridiron Scouting Southwest. A former Division I college football player Trey also hold a position as a Scout for the Players All-Star Classic College Bowl Game. You may contact Trey directly at trey.randall@gssouthwest.com or follow him on Twitter @TreyRandall1


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