2013 NFL Mock Draft Profile: Ryan Nassib


I took another step back into the film room for my continuing series of previews of the 2013 quarterback draft class. Today’s subject is the only quarterback challenging Geno Smith for the distinction of being this year’s best. That player: Ryan Nassib.

It’s a distinction that he is entirely deserving of. When I watched the tape I saw a lot to like in Ryan Nassib. The few things I could nitpick as being setbacks are all correctable, especially if he’s not thrown into a starting role immediately. If Nassib isn’t the best quarterback in this class he is certainly giving Smith a run for his money.

What immediately jumped out at me when I watched the film on Nassib was his toughness. He’ll hang in there in the pocket to make a play and take some pretty nasty hits in the process. All of which he gets up from as though nothing had even happened.

Nassib is also very efficient in his movements. Everything he does, he does with the utmost urgency. Nassib is not one for wasted movement, but when he is on the run you’ll notice he’s always got his eyes downfield looking for a play. I’m not as high on Nassib as Russ Lande of TCS Sports, who suggests he is the best player in this draft, but I’m not far off. Mark my words, Nassib will be the steal of this draft.

The Goods

  • Great arm strength.
  • Deceptive speed and mobility.
  • Great accuracy on short to intermediate throws.
  • Is as tough as a cheap steak.
  • Good footwork and movement in the pocket.
  • Arguably the most intelligent QB of this draft class.
  • Has played in several different types of offenses.

The Not so Goods

  • Takes a lot of unnecessary hits.
  • Needs to improve on his ball protection.
  • Mechanics could be better.
  • Is responsible for some of the most awkward slides I have ever seen by a quarterback.
  • Doesn’t have great accuracy on deep passes.

The Verdict: Ryan Nassib has a long and undoubtedly good future ahead of him in the NFL. What little concerns I might have associated with his play can easily be ironed out in a year or two of playing in the big leagues. I think he could do well as a day 1 starter but he would be best served by spending a year as the backup.

Where he should be drafted: In the middle of the first round.

Where will he be drafted: In the second or third round.

Ideal fits: Buffalo, Jacksonville, New York Jets

Comparables: Tony Romo, Jay Cutler

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