2013 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 8-15


The 2013 NFL Draft is obviously a long ways away, but that shouldn’t prevent folks from gazing into the crystal ball and seeing what the future holds. Now, while it’s impossible to say with certainty who will be drafting at the top of board and who will be drafting at the bottom of the board, you can definitely ballpark where a lot of squads will ultimately end up next season. Or at least that’s the justification that mock draft connoisseurs secretly whisper to themselves when they create and analyze mock drafts for drafts that are still a full year away.

As we noted in our first seven picks, our order is based on the order that the good folks at College Football Zealots used in their 2013 NFL Mock Draft. Because we don’t know how Adrian Peterson will heal, or what sort of impact Andrew Luck will have, or whether Sam Bradford will experience something of a bounce-back year, it’s difficult to project where specifically teams will end up. Hence us deferring to CFZ for that part of this.

Here are the interesting storylines to keep an eye on in this portion of the proceedings: the Buffalo Bills have just devoted a lot of resources to the defensive side of the ball. They’ll presumably shift their focus onto offense next season; which part of the offense will they pay most attention to? How many LSU Tigers players go in this segment of the draft? Will the Seattle Seahawks aim to shore up the offense, or will their Bruce Irvin selection prove to be an error in judgment that forces them to add another defense player? With Ryan Tannehill now officially their quarterback of the future, do the Miami Dolphins aim to get him some help, or can they shift their attention to the other side of the ball?

We analyze all those questions and more in our projections of picks Nos. 8-15.

[You can check out Picks Nos. 1-7 here]

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