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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Georgia's Jonathan Jenkins

Continuing with my evaluation of the Georgia Bulldogs 2013 NFL Draft prospects we will now look at the interior of the Bulldogs defensive line.

Ever since the Bulldogs nose tackle Jonathan Jenkins arrived in Athens, GA he has competed with Redshirt Junior Kwame Geathers. Jenkins a transfer from Gulf Coast Mississippi Community College struggled to learn the ropes at the beginning of his first season with the Bulldogs but showed improvement in effort and technique as the season moved along.

Both Jenkins and Geathers will be rotating at Noise Tackle in Defensive Coordinators Todd Grantham’s 3-4 Scheme with Jenkins taking on the starting role.

Scouting Report

  • Jonathan Jenkins
  • NT
  • Georgia Bulldogs
  • 6’-3’’
  • 351 lbs.


  • Great size, thick
  • Good overall power
  • Displays good lateral movement for his size
  • Shows ability to press pocket
  • Good get off (Needs to work on consistency)
  • Ideal NT in a 3-4 Scheme


  • At 351 staying in shape may be an issue
  • Lacks counter moves, more violent hands
  • Pads tend to slightly rise after contact, legs stop as well
  • Struggles staying stout at the point of attack
  • Needs to work on disengaging blocks, consistent hand placement, firing off hands
  • Would like to see more of an initial punch
  • Has to fight reach blocks
  • Needs to work on keeping shoulders square down the line
  • Doesn’t show ability to split double teams

Scouting Report

  • Kwame Geathers
  • NT
  • Georgia Bulldogs
  • 6’-6’’
  • 350 lbs.


  • Huge frame
  • Possesses good arm length
  • Great overall strength
  • At times able to push pocket (More consistency)
  • Ideal size for a NT in a 3-4 Scheme


  • Average to poor athlete, average lateral movement
  • Would like to see pad level lowered
  • Lacks get off
  • Tends to leans on blockers, needs to fire hands
  • Would like to see proper hand placement
  • At times looks soft at the point of attack (Due to pad level)
  • Needs to lockout and disengage blockers
  • At times looks lazy More NFL Coverage


Both Jonathan Jenkins and Kwame Geathers are 3-4 Nose Tackles whom are limited during passing downs although Jenkins does show the ability to push the pocket. Both prospects have to be cautious of keeping their weight under control and staying in shape. As far as the SEC West goes if Jenkins can play with a lower pad level and proper hand placement then he can continue to grow as a player. As far as Geathers his technical flaws and occasional lack of effort will be an issue in NFL Scouts minds, although with both Geathers and Jenkins size the Bulldogs will physically be hard to move the ball on in a heavy run oriented SEC.

Trey Randall is the Director of Player Personnel for the Eastern Kentucky Drillers, Arena Football and the Co-Owner/Director of Operations for Gridiron Scouting Southwest. A former Division I college football player Trey also hold a position as a Scout for the Players All-Star Classic College Bowl Game. You may contact Trey directly at or follow him on Twitter @TreyRandall1


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