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2013 NFL Mock Draft: A Closer Look at Georgia’s Aaron Murray

On my last 2013 Draft report I evaluated Georgia Bulldogs Outside Linebacker Jarvis Jones. Now we move onto the Bulldogs Junior Redshirt Quarterback Aaron Murray. In High School Murray was one of the top Quarterback prospects in the country. Murray redshirted his freshman season and took over as starter in 2010. I have high expectations this season for the Bulldogs and after reviewing film on Murray I saw both positives and negatives in his game. If Georgia plans on getting back to the SEC Title game in Atlanta, Murray will need to come up big.

Scouting Report

  • QB
  • Georgia Bulldogs
  • 6’-1’’
  • 211 lbs.


  • Better than average athlete, good pocket mobility,  looks comfortable outside the pocket (Throwing and running)
  • Slightly bends front leg upon throw
  • Shoulders stay horizontal, good base
  • Quick release
  • Possesses good not great arm strength
  • Able to run a pro style offense under center and also take snaps from Shotgun
  • Sells play action well
  • Good sense of urgency while gaining depth in pocket
  • Head stays up, eyes down field


  • Undersized, needs to add more bulk
  • Needs to work on anticipation
  • At times displays good accuracy but needs to be more consistent
  • Would like to see ball come out as soon as back leg plants
  • Needs to get rid of ball instead of taking sacks (Live to fight another day)
  • Looks uncomfortable while under pressure
  • Shows the ability to look off the Safety but needs to be more consistent in doing so


When the 2013 NFL Draft rolls around the main issue that will arise with Aaron Murray will be  his Height. Listed at six foot one there is a chance that he may even be shorter. Murray will need to prove that he’s the leader that his team vitally needs to live up to their potential this upcoming season.

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Trey Randall is the Director of Player Personnel for the Eastern Kentucky Drillers, Arena Football and the Co-Owner/Director of Operations for Gridiron Scouting Southwest. A former Division I college football player Trey also hold a position as a Scout for the Players All-Star Classic College Bowl Game. You may contact Trey directly at or follow him on Twitter @TreyRandall1


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