2013 NFL Mock Draft: Baltimore Ravens


The Ravens shocked the world with their Super Bowl run last season but it’s not 2012 anymore.  They may have been the best team in the NFL but there are some holes on this team.  One of them is the departure of the irreplaceable Ray Lewis.  Now don’t get me wrong, Lewis wasn’t the beast on the field that he was in his prime but can you imagine trying to fill those shoes?  And someone is going to have to. 

They also have a gaping hole in the form of a nose tackle.  Terrance Cody has been a 360 pound flop and the ravens really need to pick someone up in this draft to fill that hole.  Of course, no matter how the draft goes, Ozzie Newsome is going to be happy because he did lock up his Super Bowl MVP QB for a long time and that was priority one this offseason.

Team Needs: Nose Tackle, Linebacker, Defensive Back.

My prediction:  Johnathan Hankins, NT Ohio State

I think the Ravens really lucked out with Hankins’ poor combine performance.  The big nose tackle was originally slated to be a potential top 20 pick but after a really poor combine he will likely fall from there.  The Ravens really need a big body on the defensive line and this would be the perfect guy for them.  If Big Hank is there, they’ll take him.  However, if another team snatches him up look for the defending champs to take a linebacker like Minter from LSU or Te’o out of Notre Dame.

Check back with us tomorrow and I’ll make my prediction for the Niners.


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