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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan and the Falcons finally got over that hurdle of winning a playoff game, but still fell short of the Super Bowl.  The departure of longtime veterans is going to cause this to be a very pivotal draft for the Falcons.  Not only did they release veterans Michael Turner and John Abraham, but they’ll also (most likely) be losing one of the best tight ends of all time, Tony Gonzalez, to retirement.  The Falcons will be looking to fill all of these holes with this draft and possibly even sure up their secondary coverage too.

Team Needs: Running Back, Tight End, Defensive End

My Prediction: Alex Okafor, DE Texas

Although running back may be the most glaring hole on this team, I think the Falcons opt for a defensive end here.  There is some debate as to who falls in line after the top three defensive ends, but I think Okafor is going to be the first one off the board after Werner, Ansah, and Moore.  Okafor is an athletic guy that would really fit into the Falcons system well and he’ll probably be available for this pick.  If Okafor isn’t their guy, I would look for the Falcons to go after Carradine out of Florida State or Jones out of UCLA if their still on the board.

Check back tomorrow and I’ll break down the New England Patriots’ first round pick.


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