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2013 NFL Free Agency Rumors: Broncos, Vikings, Titans, Colts, Patriots

The best of the best readily available talent in the NFL have made their way to new teams and leagues through the draft and initial burst of free agency. Pickings are slim for teams looking to plug up whatever holes they may have left following these flurries of signings, picks and trades, but that’s not to say there isn’t plenty of top notch talent left on the market. All that’s left is to pick a destination for the best of those players, and pick I did. Organizational need, value, cap space and contender status were all taken into account and the best locations for each top notch free agent were adjudged accordingly. For a look at where some of your favorite stars may land according this methodology, it’s all here.

Charles Woodson, Denver Broncos: Woodson’s camp has already made a visit to Denver, and although they didn’t leave with a contract this time, I’m sure they’ll be back. This fit just makes too much sense not to happen. Woodson’s inching closer and closer to retirement, and while I’m sure he still wants to get paid, something tells me he’d like another run at a Super Bowl. All these things can be had in Denver. They have the need, they have the cap space to not brutally lowball Woodson and I’ll be damned if they aren’t a frontrunner to make it to the Super Bowl in the AFC.

Brian Urlacher, Minnesota Vikings: If there is one glaring deficiency in the Vikings roster post-draft, it’s at the middle linebacker position. They’re a young, inexperienced group that needs much veteran leadership and time under it to develop. Enter, Brian Urlacher. He’ll provide just that for this club and knowing Urlacher even more. Need, cap space, contender status. It’s all there in Minnesota and that’s why I’m picking them to land Urlacher. Besides, even as the bad guy I’m sure he’d like to play at least a few more games at Soldier Field.

Dwight Freeney, Tennessee Titans: This probably seems like a quirky pick, I’m sure, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Freeney doesn’t seem all that intent on taking a huge paycut, and the Titans have plenty of cap space. The Titans have also been trying to improve their pass rush forever and even the addition of Kamerion Wimbley has done little to help that. Freeney isn’t the every down player he used to be and maybe by sharing reps with Wimbley and Derrick Morgan the Titans can get the most out of all their defensive linemen.

Ahmad Bradshaw, Indianapolis Colts: Donald Brown is kind of bad and Vick Ballard has only shown flashes at the NFL level. While it’s not obvious, if you look long and hard at the Colts group of running backs, you notice there is certainly room for improvement. Bradshaw provides short term relief from having to hand the ball off to Brown and will be a great veteran for Ballard to learn from.

John Abraham, New England Patriots: Abraham’s camp and the Patriots have been contractually flirting with each since Abraham hit the market, and with good reason. This seems like a great fit for both sides. Abraham can line up just about anywhere and even at the ripe age of 35 he does everything well. He sets the edge, he gets pressure and is a great tackler. He’s also yet to win a Super Bowl, and ring needy veterans always seem to find their way to New England.

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