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2013 NFL Draft: Is Zac Dysert the Real Deal?

With such a lackluster class of quarterbacks this year, Zac Dysert of Miami (Ohio) is hoping to take himself form a mid-major college to the forefront of the NFL draft. As a bi-product of playing at a small school, Dysert is probably the least known of all the top quarterback candidates in this year’s draft, but he is in the conversation to be an early-round pick and follow in the footsteps of fellow Miami (Ohio) alum Ben Roethlisberger. But after coming out of nowhere, can Dysert be a contender when it comes to being a starting quarterback in the NFL, or is he just another pretender?

Dysert played all four years in college, but did not have a strong supporting cast around him, and so he had to make up for the lack of talent around him, which resulted in quite a few interceptions and plenty of ugly film on Dysert. Despite what he was working with, Dysert managed to put up impressive statistical numbers, totaling nearly 7,000 yards over the past two seasons. Of course, what Dysert wasn’t able to do was life the performance of a team that finished 4-8 in 2012, although it may have been asking too much of him to win games on his own with such a poor supporting cast.

One thing that the poor talent around him allowed Dysert to do is take full control over the offense. His football IQ is as good as any other quarterback available, as Dysert displays a keen ability to make pre-snap reads and make the correct audibles. He also makes good decisions with the ball, while his propensity for forcing the ball into coverage at times can be forgiven because of how reliant his team was on him to make plays. On top of his great intelligence, Dysert also has the ideal body for an NFL quarterback. At 6’4’’ he is durable, able to withstand hits, and also able to shake off arm tackles. For a guy his size, his mobility is good, as he’s able to run for positive yards when the opportunity is there. Dysert also has above average arm strength and is able to make all the necessary throws. He can also make accurate throws on the run, and is also tough enough to stand in and take hit while delivering the ball.

Despite a strong arm, great intelligence, and good mobility, Dysert’s mechanics aren’t sound. He throws the ball hard enough to fit through tight windows, but his throws tend to wobble, and his accuracy is inconsistent when throwing deep or intermediate routes. At times, his deep throws can sail and his shorter passes can be thrown behind his receivers. Dysert also has a throwing motion that’s a little longer than desirable, and may need some fixing at the next level.

So, what’s the verdict, pretender or contender? It’s a real tough call because he has a lot of talent, but he comes out of a small school, and didn’t perform particularly well in the few opportunities he had to face high-level competition. But that being said, Dysert is a contender. He has a good arm, he has enough mobility, and he’s certainly smart enough to understand NFL offenses and read NFL defenses. The problems he does have can be fixed, and within a year or so Dysert will be a strong candidate to be a starter in the NFL.


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