2013 NFL Draft Wrap-Up


Did you spend three days watching the NFL draft? Did you listen to a bunch of talking heads discuss  players that are quick off the block or ran well in the combine? Did you learn anything? Do you want your three days back?

By definition sports fans like watching sports. Drafts are not sporting events but they certainly play a part in how the games will be played. Watching the NBA draft not only takes a lot less time than the NFL draft, but if you are a college basketball fan, you've seen most of the players drafted. You can actually get a sense during the NBA draft of whether a team did well or not. In the NFL, the average man has no clue whether a team “won” or “lost” the draft and quite frankly many executives don't know how their teams did either.

Somebody named Eric Fisher was drafted on Thursday. Not just drafted, but was the first overall pick. You know, like Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Sam Bradford and Matthew Stafford the last four years. Unlike that trio of quarterbacks, Fisher is a linemen. Unlike the four signal callers who all went to big time colleges, Fisher went to Central Michigan. Just like those four QB's, the average fan has no idea whether he is going to be a good pro.

How many times did you watch Central Michigan play last year? Let's say it was a bunch, if it was, get a life. Did you really focus on their line play? Do you really know how their opponents compare with those of second pick Luke Joeckel or fourth pick Lane Johnson? Can you honestly compare Fisher to Tavon Austin, guys that play different positions in different conferences in contrasting systems?

Sure, Mel Kiper and player personnel people from every NFL team think they know what they're doing. In a lot of cases they do. The average fan, even the extraordinary fan, does not. He is not too be blamed for not knowing, it is a time consuming difficult job. However, nothing is worse than the guy on his couch grading picks of players he's never seen.

My bet is that the Steelers, Ravens, 49ers, Patriots and Packers drafted well. I suspect the Lions, Raiders, Browns and Bills made questionable decisions. I base this not on any of the individuals they picked, but on the fact that certain teams seem to do a lot of things well consistently while others routinely make mistakes.

Now that the draft is over and free agency is nearly concluded, can we please skip mini camps, and training camp, and exhibition games, I’m ready to watch real sports again.


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