2013 NFL Draft Worst Picks: Bills, Browns, Bengals, Seahawks and More


While it’s a little early to decide winners and losers of this draft only a few days removed, something can be said for the quality of the picks to this point. Here are the worst picks from the early rounds of last week’s draft.

1. E.J. Manuel 15th Overall Buffalo Bills

This pick came so far out of left field, I don’t even know where to start. Only time will tell if Manuel was worth the 15th overall pick and the distinction of being the first quarterback taken in this draft, but for now this pick is an absurd reach. The Bills easily could have traded down and still landed Manuel, but instead they made the jump. Who knows what awaits the Bills at the other side.

2. Barkevious Mingo 6th Overall Cleveland Browns

Ask five different people how they felt about Mingo going into this draft and you’ll get five different answers. One of the more commonly held opinions seems to be that he’s a tad overrated though. Not only is Mingo a reach with the 6th overall pick, but he also bears the burden of having to switch from being a 4-3 defensive end to being a 3-4 outside linebacker. Mingo is a great talent and addresses one of the Browns needs for another rusher on the outside, but there’s quite a bit of risk with this pick.

3. Will Davis 93rd Overall Miami Dolphins

There are reaches and then there is this pick. Most had Davis projecting as a fifth or sixth rounder - which if you ask me is quite generous. The fact that the Dolphins were willing to trade up to grab him makes this all the more absurd.

4. Tyler Eifert 21st Overall Cincinnati Bengals

Don’t get me wrong, Tyler Eifert is a great talent and should work out just fine with the Bengals. Looking at this pick purely from the standpoint of what this organization needs however, has me wondering what compelled them to call Eifert’s name. For as long as the Bengals have had A.J. Green they’ve lacked a solid number two receiver. Would have been much more satisfied had they picked Cordarrelle Patterson or Justin Hunter. Any receiver actually.

5. Christine Michael 62nd Overall Seattle Seahawks

I can think of no pick in the first three rounds that made lense sense in terms of addressing positional needs than this one. By that same token, the Seahawks don’t have much in the way of needs left. Not a horrible pick, but a bit of a head scratcher nonetheless.

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