2013 NFL Draft Steals: Vikings, Rams, Jets, Ravens and More


While it’s a little early to decide winners and losers of this draft only a few days removed, something can be said for the quality of the picks to this point. If it were as simple as picking out the best picks to this point, it would be rather easy. I guess I’d just have to account for the first five picks in the draft. Job done. That’s simply not the case though. In ranking the five best picks I had to take into account the value, organizational need and last but far from least the talent of the player chosen. With all that in mind, here are the five best picks from rounds one, two and three.

1. Sharrif Floyd 23rd Overall Minnesota Vikings

Any time a player that’s projected to go third overall on just about every mock draft that was made for this year’s class drops to the 23 spot, you’re getting some pretty good bang for your draft buck. With Floyd the Vikings were able to add to their already strong defensive line and find an heir apparent to the aging Kevin Williams.

2. Alec Ogletree 30th Overall St.Louis Rams

Were it not for the usual cause of most draft stock drop offs (the infamous off-field issues) Ogletree could have easily gone in the top 15. With the amount of talent at Ogletree’s disposal, you could even have justified a top 10 selection. The addition of Ogletree is the final piece needed at linebacker to make it one of the league’s best.

3. Geno Smith 39th Overall New York Jets

It’s not very often that the best quarterback in the draft falls to the second round and for that reason alone this is a good pick. When you take into account the fact that finding Smith in the second round, rather than reaching for him in the first, allowed them to maximize the value of their two first rounders it becomes clear that this is a steal of a pick.

4. Arthur Brown 56th Overall Baltimore Ravens

I’m not as high on Brown as most are, but this is a steal nonetheless. Most had Brown projected to go in the middle of the first round, not the latter end of the second. That and the fact that this pick fills a positional need following the departure of Dannell Ellerbe in free agency and Ray Lewis in free agency makes this a great pick.

5. Eddie Lacy 61st Overall Green Bay Packers

If you’re noticing a recurring theme here, it’s that a lot of great pickups were made as a result of unexplainable drops in draft stock in days one and two. Count Lacy among the strangest drops of them all. Going into this draft it seemed like there was some consensus that he was the best running back to be found. 60 picks, 3 of which were running backs, later and Lacy finds his home in Green Bay. He’s no Stephen Jackson, but then again he’s also a hell of a lot younger.

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