2013 NFL Draft: Reaching for Bad Quarterbacks


It didn't require an abundance of scouting and long nights in the war room last year to determine that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were no brainer selections. Elite quarterback prospects are going to be among the top five picks forever. However, as the draft approaches it is easy to get enamored with a quarterback who simply is not likely to succeed. Watch on Thursday and Friday as teams reach for QB's whether they are actually the best player available or not. Remember, this has been labeled a bad quarterback draft for some time.

Two months ago I wrote how the 2013 draft felt a lot like 1984. Top end quarterback options seem few and far between. Teams that need signal callers are talking themselves in to the players that are draft eligible, but that doesn't mean they are good picks. Let's look at the last few drafts. Drafting quarterbacks excites fans. How many of those QB's would you actually want now?

After Luck and RG3, last year's first round produced Ryan Tannehill at number eight to the Dolphins and Brandon Weeden to the Browns at number 22. You have to have a QB, but would Miami and Cleveland be better with Luke Kuechly and Dont'a Hightower? They both seem very likely to have long NFL futures. The jury is still out on the quarterbacks.

Two years ago after Cam Newton went first overall, the Titans grabbed Jake Locker eighth, Blaine Gabbert went to Jacksonville at number 10, and the Vikings picked Christian Ponder twelfth. Of the trio that went after Newton, just two years removed from the draft, does anybody believe in more than one of the next three QB's selected? Would you draft Locker over JJ Watt, or any of the three signal callers over Mike Pouncey or Ryan Kerrigan?

Sam Bradford was the top pick in 2010. The next five picks, Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy, Trent Williams, Eric Berry, and Russell Okung have all gone to Pro Bowls. The only other quarterback selected in the first round was Tim Tebow. The Panthers traded up to pick Jimmy Clausen in the second round.

There is no doubt that guys like Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson can be found later in the draft and are incredible values. However, for every Tom Brady, there are a dozen guys drafted too early. If you are Buffalo, or the Jets, or Jacksonville, unless you legitimately believe that there is a game changing arm in this year’s draft, begin building your future at other positions now so that when you get your hands on Teddy Bridgewater, or Johnny Manziel or Marcus Mariota next year, there is already a young core in place. 


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