2013 NFL Draft Profile: Tyler Bray


He’s not perfect, but he’s certainly intriguing. I can think of no better way to describe Tyler Bray as I set the table for today’s mock draft profile.

Something that I can’t help but think as I’m watching Bray is how those balls get where they should be? It’s incredibly Matthew Stafford esque how he throws the football sometimes, insofar as he loves to throw sidearm passes. A lot of them are on the mark, but there’s quite a few that are miles off. In keeping with the Stafford comparisons, I also have to note that his arm is a bloody cannon.

Mechanically Bray leaves a lot to be desired. While he often drives off his back foot, as he should, that’s on the rare occasion that his feet get set. He has a quick release, but uses the sidearm throw far too often. There are also serious questions about his mental makeup and maturity. Both things he could correct had he not declared for the draft a year early.

As great as Bray’s arm is, he trusts it just a little too much. He’s always going the home run rather than the smart play. Many of the made-public arguments with his coach stemmed from this and even resulted in his being benched for a game in November. He can make all the throws just not all of the time. Something that will be exposed far too often in the NFL.

The Goods

  • Has great arm strength.
  • Fits the ball into tight windows and often puts it in a place only his receivers can get it.
  • Has the ability to throw sidearm.
  • Drives off his back foot when throwing.
  • Puts a ton of zip on his throws.
  • Great pocket presence.

The Not so Goods

  • Very immature and completely foreign to the leadership aspect of his position.
  • Overly confident in his arm and his receivers.
  • Benefited greatly from an immensely talented receiving corps.
  • Struggles with accuracy.
  • Often overthrows his receivers.
  • Doesn’t give his receivers a chance to catch the ball in stride.
  • A history of off-field issues.
  • Has sloppy mechanics.
  • Poor decision making.
  • Isn’t very athletic.

The Verdict: I just don’t see Bray making it as an NFL starter. He can make all the throws, but he can’t make them all the time. And he’s not smart enough to stop trying either. He also lacks the level of leadership, especially vocally, that is required of a quarterback. At the NFL level there is just no way the many flaws in Bray’s game aren’t exposed on a weekly basis.

Where he should be drafted: The fourth or maybe fifth round.

Where he will be drafted: The third or fourth round.

Ideal fits: Tampa Bay, New York Jets, Detroit, Arizona

Comparables: Josh Freeman, Brett Favre, Matthew Stafford, Philip Rivers

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