2013 NFL Draft Profile: Mike Glennon


Next up in the quarterback draft profile series that’s leading up to the 2013 draft is Mike Glennon. A two year starter from North Carolina state, Glennon hopes to use his over 7,000 yards over that span to state his case as a top flight quarterback prospect for the NFL. In a quarterback class as weak as this one, it’s not out of the realm of possibility he achieves that either.

The better part of Glennon’s game is his arm strength. There aren’t a lot of throws - if any - that Glennon can’t make. One of the bigger concerns though, is his consistency in making those throws. When given the necessary time in the pocket to set his feet and drive off his back foot, good luck defence. Conversely, when there is even the smallest amount of pressure he throws his mechanics to the wayside, and has a nasty habit of throwing while still leaning backwards, off of his front foot.

As a matter of fact, you could argue that any and all concerns surrounding Glennon stem from his inability to cope with pressure. Sometimes it appears as though the game is moving miles ahead of Glennon, and this lack of urgency can be a large problem when facing the blitz. Glennon doesn’t read defenses particularly well, and the extra time needed to dissect coverages don’t work to his advantage. His lack of mobility and developmental level of pocket presence are most likely the main factor in this. One can be fixed in the NFL, barring a miracle the other not so much. I’ll let you guess which matches which.

Something that will lend itself well to Glennon’s draft stock is his grasp of a pro-style offense. That and his towering height. At 6’6 Glennon has the ideal build of an NFL quarterback physically and mentally he’s not all that far behind.

The Goods

  • Has ideal height for his position at 6’6.
  • Possesses great arm strength.
  • Puts a lot of velocity on his throws.
  • Has a quick release.
  • Understands pro-style offenses.
  • Can be extremely accurate and fit the ball into incredibly small windows.

The Not so Goods

  • Was very inconsistent.
  • Struggles with turnovers.
  • Poor pocket presence.
  • Lacks mobility.
  • Poor mechanics.
  • Has a difficult time reading defenses.

The Verdict: Glennon’s far from perfect. As a matter of fact, very far. That’s why I’m not sure he’s going to make it in the NFL. He has a great arm and that alone should convince somebody to reach for him in the second or third round, but I just don’t see him being worth it. I just have a hard time believing in a quarterback whose mechanics are just so hit and miss. He is intelligent enough to make pre-snap reads but has a hard time adjusting after the snap.

Where he should be drafted: No earlier than the fifth round.

Where he will be drafted: Somewhere between the second or fourth round.

Ideal Fits: Cleveland, Atlanta, San Diego, New Orleans

Comparables: Philip Rivers

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