2013 NFL Draft Day 2 Preview: Tyler Wilson, Manti Te’o, Tyrann Mathieu, Tim Tebow and More


A lot happened during the first round of the draft last night, but we have months to go over everything and dissect it. But we only have a few more hours to look ahead to Day Two and Three of the NFL Draft. So here are six things to be on the lookout for during the final six rounds of the NFL Draft:

1. Kansas City taking a quarterback

The Chiefs kicked off the draft with the first overall pick, and they’ll be absent from round two, but they’ll be picking again at the top of the third round, and they may use that pick to take a quarterback. Alex Smith is more of a short-term solution than a long-term solution, so Kansas City will still be looking for their quarterback of the future. Look for the Chiefs to pick up someone like Tyler Wilson, Zac Dysert, or Mike Glennon to start the third round. Wilson may be their best bet, as he’s a tough player that the fans at Arrowhead Stadium will love to watch. He’s going to need at least a year or two to develop, which will give Andy Reid a quarterback to groom for the future without causing Smith to be looking over his shoulder at a rookie trying to take his job.

2. How far will Manti Te’o fall?

The first round came and went without Te’o being drafted. The Bears passed on him; the Vikings passed on him with all three of their first round picks; and the Rams took inside linebacker Alec Ogletree over him, all spots where Te’o could have been drafted. Apparently, it only took one bad performance in the national championship game and one profoundly odd fake-girlfriend scandal to knock Te’o out of the first round. Now the question becomes, when will Te’o get drafted? The teams at the top of the second round aren’t looking for a linebacker, so the wait could get considerably longer for Te’o. The further that Te’o drops, the easier it could be for teams to pass on him, as the linebackers around him will be less of a stretch and won’t come with the concerns that still exist from Te’o’s catfish ordeal.

3. When will Marcus Lattimore come be drafted?

If healthy, Lattimore might be the most talented running back in this draft, but with two major knee injuries in the past two years there’s no telling when he could come off the board. Running Back’s aren’t usually a hot commodity early in the draft anyway, and the injury history means drafting Lattimore includes plenty of risk, especially if it happens in the second or third round. But if Lattimore isn’t selected until Day Three, whichever team gets him could have a major steal on their hands.

4. Could Tim Tebow get traded?

The New York Jets would certainly like to free themselves of Tebow, and as hard as it might be to do that they’ll be mentioning his name in any draft day trade talks they have over the next couple of days. There’s no way a team would be trading for Tebow during the first round of the draft, but the Jets may try to sneak him into a trade during the latter stages of the draft. Despite having two first round picks, the Jets would certainly like to add a few more picks, and if trading Tebow can make that happen they won’t hesitate to do so, even if all they get for him is a sixth or seventh rounder.

5. The San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco came into the draft with 13 draft picks, and judging by the team they had last year they don’t need 13 rookies to help out this season. Last night they gave up a third round pick in order to move up in the first round to take Eric Reid, but they still have way more picks than they did, which will enable them to make a few more trades today and tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if the 49ers end up adding on to the three picks they have during the second and third rounds, where there will be plenty of quality players available.

6. Who’s going to be foolish enough to pick Tyrann Mathieu?

Someone figures to take a chance on the Honey Badger, but the questions will be when he gets drafted and by whom. Drafting an undersized cornerback with questionable coverage skills and a history of drug abuse probably isn’t a wise choice, but some team out there is bound to do it. His special teams capabilities makes him a viable option late in the sixth round or the seventh round, but any earlier than that and somebody will have made a mistake by taking Mathieu. Still, there’s great curiosity in when Mathieu has his name called.


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