2013 MLB World Series Preview: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox

The awesome thing about the World Series is it is entirely unpredictable and always full of unlikely heroes. Here is who has the edge in each individual position though:


            While I absolutely love David Ross, neither he nor Jarrod Saltalacchia can keep up with Yadier Molina when it comes to defense or offensive production. With that being said, Yadi has been very good this postseason and has only 2 RBI in 11 games. Edge: Cardinals.

1st base

            With the health of Allen Craig still in question, Matt Adams will most likely be patrolling 1st base when the series hits St. Louis. While both he and Mike Napoli have put up similar numbers this postseason, Napoli is much hotter at the moment. Keep in mind that both guys are very streaky hitters, though and this could go either way. Edge: Red Sox.    

2nd base

            While Matt Carpenter had a much better statistical regular season, Dustin Pedroia has much more experience and has been steadier so far in October. Also, Pedroia gets the slight edge when it comes to glove work. Edge: Red Sox.

3rd base

            While David Freese has been Mr. Clutch early in his postseason career, I will assume the Red Sox will continue to use both Will Middlebrooks and rookie Xander Bogaerts at the hot corner. Which means more question marks for the Sox. Edge: Cardinals.


            This is really a lesser of two evils. Both guys don’t help you much on the offensive side and aren’t real flashy with the leather either. Edge: Basically, whoever can do the little things right.


            This is a really tough one. Obviously, the Cards have Carlos Beltran and Matt Holiday, but Jacoby Ellsbury has been on fire this entire postseason  (.400 average) and Shane Victorino is fresh off his clutch go-ahead grand slam against the Tigers. In the end, the only thing that puts the Sox just barely over the Cards in this position is the fact that Ellsbury/Victorino bring speed to the table. Edge: Red Sox.

Starting rotation

            The Red Sox may have more experience, but unlike the Cardinals’  top two guys, the Red Sox starters haven’t shown the ability to shut people down for 7/8 innings consistently. Edge: Cardinals.


            This one isn’t even close. Trevor Rosenthal has been a very pleasant surprise, but combination of Breslow, Uehara, and Tazawa has just been unreal this October. Edge: Red Sox.         

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