2013 MLB Week 7 Power Rankings: Rangers, Cardinals, Yankees, Red Sox, Braves and More

An NL West team creeps back into the top 10, while both Los Angeles teams remain way outside the top 10. Rangers and Cardinals keep on chugging. Meanwhile, the Braves and Red Sox seem to be recovering from their recent skids. See where your team ranks going into Week 7:

#1 Texas Rangers

            The pitching continues to be rock solid, while the offense just keeps getting better. Losing Ian Kinsler is never easy, but as long as the Rangers keep pitching, they will keep rolling merrily along. They remain the only team to not lose a game when leading in the 7th inning or later.

#2 St Louis Cardinals

            Last week I wrote about the success of the Cardinals rotation. Now with Garcia and Westbrook out for a stretch, the Cardinals will need Tyler Lyons and John Gast to pick up the slack to keep the Cardinal’s rotation rolling. Also, if this team continues this kind of success, Edward Mujica deserves a TON of credit. He has almost singlehandedly calmed down the Cards bullpen. 

#3 New York Yankees

            I just CANNOT figure how this team keeps winning. The offense is still depleted and ranks 12th in runs and 18th in OBP, while the rotation has been below average, aside from Hiroki Kuroda. I am beginning to think that it is the Mariano Rivera retirement effect. Speaking of which, that guy is pretty good for heading into retirement, eh?

#4 Boston Red Sox

            After losing 9 out of 11, the Red Sox seem to have found their groove again winning 5 in a row. The rotation has certainly fallen off a bit after their hot start and the bullpen situation is a definite concern, but the Red Sox are continuing to show the rest of the league that they are in this AL East race for the long haul.

#5 Atlanta Braves

            It’s amazing what happens when you get your lineup healthy (McCann and Heyward) and get to go home for a little while. After playing 26 of their first 40 games on the road, the Braves are in the middle of a 14 out of 19 games at home stretch. Bad news for the Braves though, the bullpen got significantly weaker by losing Venters and O’Flaherty for the entire year. 

#6 Cincinnati Reds

            For a team that is 3rd in team ERA and 5th in runs scored, it feels like the best is yet to come for the Reds. They get ace Johnny Cueto back this week and have back-to-back series against the struggling Cubs and Mets.

#7 Pittsburgh Pirates

            If rotation newcomer Liriano continues to pitch the way he has, that would be a huge boost to the rotation.  With that being said, they better start finding ways to get their starters deeper into games. This bullpen is going to get worn out and they don’t have the offense to overcome that.

#8 Cleveland Indians

            How long can this team literally “mash” themselves to wins? Minus Justin Masterson, the pitching has been below average (15th in ERA, 17th in quality starts, and 15th in WHIP).  With that being said, you have to respect what they are doing right now.

#9 Miguel Cabrera…I mean, Detroit Tigers

            The Tigers continue their yearlong streakiness, but I am sticking with them. They just have too much thunder in their lineup and the rotation is deep enough for the long haul. By the way, I don’t think most people realize how special Miguel Cabrera is. Cabrera is currently on pace for a .387 average, with 42 HR, and 181 RBI’s. Unreal.

#10 Arizona Diamondbacks

            The Diamondbacks are now alone in 1st place in the NL West. I think in this division, they have a very good chance to stay there. The Dodgers have now suffered enough injuries that they won’t be an issue, the Giants are not what they were, and the Rockies don’t have near enough pitching. Beware though: 13th best WHIP and 15th best BAA shouldn’t equal 3rd best ERA.

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