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2013 MLB Week 25 Power Rankings: Red Sox, Braves, Athletics, Dodgers, Cardinals, Tigers and More

The Red Sox, Braves, A’s, Dodgers, and Cardinals are in, but there are still 5 more spots to officially be decided. Here are your week 25 power rankings:

#1 Boston Red Sox

            Need to lock up home field and keep everyone healthy, otherwise no worries right now.

#2 Atlanta Braves

            Need home field desperately. They are horrendous on the road and tremendous at home. Also, the Braves own the tiebreaker with every other NL team.

#3 Oakland Athletics

            Scorching hot and they boast the best record in baseball over the last 365 days. Not sure if their rotation is built for a 5-7 game series though.

#4 Los Angeles Dodgers

            They have been just as good on the road as at home, so they are not as worried about home field advantage and can rest up accordingly.

#5 St Louis Cardinals

            The lack of depth in their bullpen is finally starting to show. We’ll see how it holds up in October with a rotation that probably won’t get through a ton of innings.

#6 Detroit Tigers

            This team has all the weapons you could ask for to make a postseason run. Need to get Cabrera healthy though.

#7 Cincinnati Reds

            I actually think this team might do the most damage in the playoffs if they can make it through the one game playoff or somehow win the division.

#8 Pittsburgh Pirates

            This team at LEAST needs to play the one game playoff at home. The fans in Pittsburgh deserve it.

#9 Cleveland Indians

            I will be the first to admit that I never saw this team coming. Unbelievable run.

#10 Tampa Bay Rays

            The Rays are finally starting to look better when it really counts. Once they are in, no one will want to face them.

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