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2013 MLB Week 23 Power Rankings: Braves, Red Sox, Dodgers, Reds, Cardinals, Tigers and More

The Cardinals swept the Pirates, the Phillies swept the Braves, and the Reds swept the Dodgers. It was a busy week in baseball, but how did it impact the power rankings?

Here is your top 10:

#1 Atlanta Braves

“We’ll just wait until the Dodgers win until we win again….and maybe even longer until we hit again” –B.J. Upton and Dan Uggla

#2 Boston Red Sox

“Giving up 30 runs in a 4 game series should do the trick in the playoffs, right?” –Red Sox pitching staff

#3 Los Angeles Dodgers

“Maybe if we lose a couple games everyone will shut up about Yasiel being our savior” –The entire Dodgers organization

#4 Cincinnati Reds

“Let’s play a close game every night so that Chapman and Hamilton can show off” –Dusty Baker

#5 St Louis Cardinals

“I let that Hamilton guy steal off me. Now if we face him in the playoffs, he’ll be cocky.” –Yadier Molina

#6 Detroit Tigers

“I love playing in the same division as the Twins and White Sox” –The Tigers….and Indians….and Royals.

#7 Oakland Athletics

“How long do we have to be good until someone suspends us? I mean…notices us?” –Bartolo Colon

#8 Pittsburgh Pirates

“Most starters throw HOW many innings a game? Why would they do that?” –Pirates starting rotation

#9 Texas Rangers

“Last 7 games at home against the Astros and Angels....You’re welcome” –MLB Scheduling committee

#10 Tampa Bay Rays

“I better find a REALLY cool animal to get us out of this slump” –Joe Maddon

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