2013 MLB Week 2 Power Rankings: Braves, Giants, Nationals, Tigers and More


1. Braves

            With the Braves off to a scorching 11-1 start, there are so many different stats that would show why the Braves are in the #1 spot. Their pitching has been unreal though.  The Braves have given up more than 2 runs just 3 times in 12 games so far, while the bullpen has left all 14 inherited runners stranded.

2. A’s

            The 9-4 A’s are 6-0 on the road and have already had a 9 game winning streak this season. They have awesome team chemistry and it feels like someone different comes through every night for this team. The offense continues to pace the MLB with 74 runs going into Monday night’s game against the Astros.

3. Giants

            Even though the Giants are 9-4 and in 1st in the NL west, their run differential is only +7. Still not sold on this team though. Good news is that Buster Posey has yet to heat up. Bad news is their supposed strength, the starting rotation, is struggling to find itself. 

4. Nationals

            After being swept at HOME by the NL East leading Braves, the Nationals are reeling.  Nothing cures that like a series against the Miami Marlins though. The Nats are still possibly the most talented team on paper and will be just fine.

5. Tigers

            The Tigers bullpen situation really scares me. However, this team can hit (#1 in AVG and OBP) and still has the potential to have a really good starting staff. Playing in possibly the most mediocre division in baseball doesn’t hurt either.

6. Rangers

            This team is winning so far and the offense is still 15th or worse in virtually every major offensive category. This offense will be better than that, so the pitching staff just needs to stay healthy and productive and this team will continue to win a lot of games.

7. Diamondbacks

            I have been saying for months that this team could be a lot better than people think. They are very balanced—7th in runs and 8th in era— and manager Kirk Gibson has them playing at a very high level. I bet they are missing Justin Upton right about now though.

8. Dodgers

            This pitching staff is 1st or 2nd in every major pitching category. If the offense can find a way to get going, this team could live up to its incredibly high ceiling. Still waiting to see how much of their pitching depth they are going to keep/trade though.

9. Cardinals

            The offense is scoring plenty of runs and the starting staff has been unreal for the past week. Staying healthy and some serious issues in the bullpen (2 for 6 in save opportunities) could possibly hold this team back though.

10. Red Sox

            If Lester, Dempster, and Buchholz continue to pitch the way they have, this team could shock the entire AL East this summer. Getting David Ortiz back and keeping him healthy will be huge though.

Just missed the cut: Rockies, Royals, and Mets.

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