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2013 MLB Week 11 Power Rankings: Cardinals, Reds, Braves, Pirates, Red Sox and More

The two hottest teams in baseball are nowhere near the top of the Rankings yet, so not a whole lot has changed in this week’s rankings. However, the Rangers and Dbacks have been scuffling, so were they able to stay in the top 10? See where your team ranks in the week 11 power rankings:

#1 St. Louis Cardinals

            The Cardinals showed signs of being human this weekend, losing 2 out of 3 to the lowly Marlins. The Cards still have the best team ERA in the MLB and their offense is now #3 in runs and 2nd in average. Hard to find a weakness currently isn’t it? By the way: The Cards have now had 13 road series and have only lost 2 this year (Dbacks and Marlins).

#2 Cincinnati Reds:

            The Reds have been steadily improving their road record and continued to keep themselves well within striking distance of 1st place Cardinals. Reds have a tough stretch coming up though. 5 straight series against teams with winning records, 3 of which are on the road. By the way: with Cueto back in the rotation, the Reds starters are a combined 26-13.

#3 Atlanta Braves

            The great news for the Braves is they still lead the division by 6.5 games going into Monday and their two worst hitters so far this year appear to be getting hot. Jason Heyward and B.J. Upton are 1st and 2nd, on the team in June OPS so far. By the way: who is going to lose their rotation spot when Beachy gets back? And where will that person go? Depleted bullpen maybe?

#4 Oakland Athletics

            It’s kind of a perfect storm in the AL West right now. The Rangers are the only other team with a winning record in the division and they are reeling while the A’s are rolling. Now the A’s are three games up going into their series against the Texas, which puts ALL the pressure on the Rangers. By the way: How does this team continue to rank 7th in runs while ranking 19th in average and 18th in slugging?

#5 Pittsburgh Pirates

            A team with the 26th ranked offense currently boasts a rotation that includes names like Morton, Locke, Cumpton, Cole, and Liriano. Yet they keep winning games. I’ve had a hard time buying into them all year, but if they can hang on until Rodriguez and Burnett get back, maybe they can pull it off. By the way: Did anyone else see Jeff Locke coming? Wow.

#6 Boston Red Sox

            After losing 3 out of 4 to the 2nd place Orioles, the Red Sox need to regain some momentum against the Rays this week (who are in 4th, but only 5 games out).  The offense is still #1 overall, but they have been somewhat cold lately (14 runs in 5 games), and the starting rotation is really starting to worry me. By the way: Which Lester will the Sox get the rest of the way? The 6-0 Lester or the Lester who has lost 4 straight decisions?

#7 Detroit Tigers

            Tiger are still getting great starting pitching, are #1 in team average, and playing mediocre baseball, so not much has changed. Doesn’t really matter though, the Tigers appear to be on cruise control for the division and that’s all it should take. By the way: Who would’ve thought that Justin Verlander would be the Tigers 3rd/4th best starting pitcher this far into the season?

#8 Baltimore Orioles

            The offense has been really solid all year, but the pitching better get better REAL soon. In this division, you can’t afford to have the 29th best team ERA…at least not for the long haul. By the way: I tried to tell people about Manny Machado earlier this year and he hasn’t let me down. Already 39 XBH.

#9 Arizona Diamondbacks

            I only have the Dbacks in front of the Rangers because of how bad Texas has been. Yes, the Dbacks are still leading the NL West, but with 3 teams within 2 games, they have to be anything but comfortable. By the way: Ian Kennedy deserved every single one of the 10 games he got. Hinske did not.

#10 Texas Rangers

            Rangers have been brutal since Kinsler went on the DL, but make the list at #10 by default. After losing 6 straight to the Indians and Blue Jays, the Rangers now have to face the red hot A’s and Cardinals. When it rains it pours. By the way: Rangers won’t play a game against a below .500 team until July.

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