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2013 MLB Week 10 Power Rankings: Cardinals, Braves, Red Sox, Rangers, Reds and More

While Yasiel Puig may be the biggest thing in baseball right now, his Dodgers are still a long ways outside the top 10. The Cardinals continue to cruise right along, but is anybody gaining ground? See if your team made the cut this week:

(As of Monday morning)

#1- St. Louis Cardinals

New week, same old story for the cards. They continue to impress and seemingly do everything well. I still believe that their chances of keeping their division lead rests solely in the hands of their young starters. By the way: Does this team ever have a bad year? Such consistency.

#2- Atlanta Braves

Aided by winning another series against Washington, the Braves held their biggest lead of the year going into Monday and are not showing any signs of slowing down. By the way: What are they going to do with potential ace Brandon Beachy when he returns next week?

#3- Red Sox

Still in first place in the middle of June should be enough for everyone to believe by now that this team is for real. By the way: how much is everyone going to miss Big Papi when he retires?

#4- Texas Rangers

Despite how well this team played for the first 2 months, you just get the feeling that the Rangers will need to do everything a little bit better if they want to stay ahead of the surging A's. By the way: This middle infield is a blast to watch, isn't it?

#5- Cincinnati Reds

Despite being tied with pirates for 2nd and 4 games out of 1st, the reds have at least kept within striking distance of a cardinals team that I don't think is quite as deep in the rotation. By the way: I really hope Cueto doesn't become this decades version of Mark Prior. Just so good.

#6- Oakland Athletics

If you go back to last season, the A's have been the best team in baseball. Anybody see any reasons why that will change? By the way: Who knew this lineup could score so many runs?

#7- Detroit Tigers

4 wins in a row going into Monday? Are the tigers going to start living up to their potential now? The starting pitching and offense is certainly capable, lets see how the bullpen holds up. By the way: I hope everyone realizes just how special of a hitter Miguel Cabrera is.

#8- New York Yankees

Yankees are starting to get healthier, but it's still difficult to see them beating out 3 other playoff contenders in their own division. By the way: What kind of player are they going to be getting when/if A-Rid comes back this year?

#9- Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates offense is brutal and I bet most people cannot name their starting rotation 1-5. Yet the Pirates are still playing great baseball. By the way: The Pirates better find a way to get their dominant/overworked bullpen some easy days.

#10- Arizona Diamondbacks

The NL West appears very winnable this year and the dbacks are taking full advantage of that. By the way: this dbacks 1st baseman is pretty good, huh? Maybe now we understand why it was easy for them to let Mr. Upton go to Atlanta.

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