2013 MLB Second Half Predictions

Now that the first half is over and we have a much better idea of what we are dealing with, here are my updated predictions for the division races:

(* equals wild card team)

AL East:

1. Tampa Bay Rays (I am putting my faith in this pitching staff to be better)

2. Boston Red Sox (As much as I love the Sox, I am not sold on the rotation)

3. Baltimore Orioles (Machado is as good as it gets folks)

4. Toronto Blue Jays (At least they have Kawasaki for entertainment)

5. New York Yankees (sticking with this pick)

AL Central:

1. Detroit Tigers (this team just HAS to be better than their division lead shows)

2. Cleveland Indians (*sigh* if only this team could pitch…at all)

3. Kansas City Royals (What happened to all the hype with this team??)

4. Minnesota Twins (Believe it or not, this team has been better than I expected)

5. Chicago White Sox (At least they still have a chance to finish better than the Cubs)

AL West:

1. Oakland Athletics (Hard not to pick the best team of the past 12 months)

*2. Texas Rangers (Very quietly having a solid season despite a lot of injuries)

3. Los Angeles Angels (“Dear Mike Trout, please save us”)

4. Seattle Mariners (Can we please get King Felix some support? Someday?)

5. Houston Astros (If I don’t have something nice to say, I’m not supposed to say anything at all)

NL East:

1. Atlanta Braves (Fingers are crossed that the Nats keep making this easy for them)

2. Washington Nationals (Better hope Harper’s leadership is better than his hair)

3. Philadelphia Phillies (Utley…it’s time to abandon ship)

4. New York Mets (Well, at least they’ll have Harvey’s All Star start to look back on)

5. Florida Marlins (Poor Stanton…I just…poor Stanton)

NL Central:

1. St Louis Cardinals (I think even their pitchers hit like .400 with RISP)

*2. Cincinnati Reds (More offense than Pirates keep me believing…barely…for now)

*3. Pittsburgh Pirates (Rios? Utley? Just add some sort of offense…please!)

4. Chicago Cubs (On the bright side, at least Marmol won’t cost them anymore wins)

5. Milwaukee Brewers (This team wasn’t supposed to be this bad….)

NL West:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (with everyone healthy, they are the best team in the West)

2. Arizona Diamondbacks (The Dbacks are going to need their own Puig)  

3. San Francisco Giants (Lincecum still only has 8 quality starts in 19 tries)

4. Colorado Rockies (Tulo/Cargo might be my favorite 1-2 combo)

5. San Diego (I think it’s safe to say we can move on from the whole “Contending Padres” phase now?)

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