2013 MLB Playoffs Review


This postseason has proven the old adage, once again, that good pitching beats good hitting…. especially in October. Here are some stats to back that up:

  • 13 different starting pitchers with more than one start have an ERA below 3.00
  • Out of the 5 starters with 3 starts already, only Joe Kelly has an ERA over 2.60
  • 10 different hitters have already struck out at least 10 times in less than 10 games
  • Justin Verlander has given up 1 run in 23 innings over 3 starts and is still 1-1
  • Closers have gone 14 for 16 in save opportunities
  • The Tigers rotation has give up 3 runs in 27 innings in the LCS, yet the series is tied 2-2
  • A team has scored 3 runs or less 33 times already this postseason
  • There have been four 1-0 games
  • There have been 7 shutouts 
  • Only 1 player has more than 7 RBI (Beltran)
  • Prince Fielder, Freddie Freeman, Andre Ethier, and Josh Donaldson have combined for 0 postseason RBI in a span of 90 AB
  • 15 different pitchers have a WHIP under 1.00
  • The Cardinals, who set a regular season record for average with RISP (.330), are hitting just .250 with RISP in the postseason
  • 34 different players have grounded into a double play already

Bottom line: Sorry to every major sports station, but the 2013 postseason is all about the dominant pitching, not Yasiel Puig.

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