2013 MLB All Star Voting Breakdown - Opposing Views

2013 MLB All Star Voting Breakdown

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For the first time in a while, I feel like the fans, for the most part are getting it right this year in the All Star voting. However, there are still some players that are getting too much respect and some who aren’t getting near enough.

Should be in: Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks

            As much as I love Joey Votto, and as good as his stats have been, Goldschmidt has been the best 1st baseman in the NL so far this year. Paul has managed to hit 6 more HR than Votto and amass 30 more RBI, despite playing with a much weaker supporting cast. Also, his 8 SB are more than the rest of the top 5 first baseman combined. Come on voters, don’t let the small market keep you from making the right decision.

Should be in: Nelson Cruz, Texas Rangers

            How Jose Bautista is 3rd and Cruz is 6th is inexplicable to me. Cruz has a higher average (.274 to .261), more HR (20 to 19), and more RBI (61 to 50). I don’t mean to take away anything from the first half Bautista has had, but Cruz has been better all around and deserves more votes than he is getting.

Should be in: Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates

            McCutchen has very quietly rebounded from a slow start and is the best offensive player on the 1st place Pirates. McCutchen is currently hitting .293 with 9 HR’s, 42 RBI’s, and a respectable 16 SB for a 3rd place hitter. Not only that, but McCutchen is also a better defender than the person currently 3rd in the voting, Justin Upton….

Should be out: Justin Upton, Atlanta Braves

            Somehow Justin Upton would be an All Star if the voting ended today, despite the fact that he has only hit 3 HR and driven in a measly 19 runs since the end of April. Upton also saw his SLG drop to a paltry .28 in the month of June. To compare, McCutchen has slugged better than .423 every month this year.

P.S. In my mind, Matt Harvey should,without a doubt start the game for the NL, while the AL start should go to Scherzer by default if he is still undefeated at the time.

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