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2013 MLB All Star Final Vote Picks

The 2013 All Star Final Vote nominees are so close this year, you could pretty much flip a quarter and make an argument for any of them. Here are my top 2 picks in each league though:

NL #1 Freddie Freeman

            This is a no brainer to me. Freeman was out for a few weeks this year, yet he still leads all the nominees in RBI with 56, while hitting .306 in a lineup with very little protection so far. Also, something most people might not know, is that Freeman is an All Star defender.

NL #2 Yasiel Puig

            As hard as it is to put Puig in front of guys who have played the entire first half, the guy deserves it. The kid has not only put up ridiculous numbers (.409 with 8 HR’s in June), but has almost singlehandedly put the Dodgers back in postseason contention.

AL #1 Steve Delabar

            While I don’t agree with having all 5 nominees be relievers, that is what we are stuck with, so I am going to go with Steve Delabar. Delabar not only has the best ERA among the five (1.58), but he also has the most strikeouts as well. Plus, the Blue Jays have really needed him to be that good with all the injuries they have had.

AL #2 Joaquin Benoit

            This guy has been huge for a bullpen that really needs him to be. Benoit has averaged more than a strikeout per inning and a WHIP almost under 1 (1.02) to go along with a sparkling 1.78 ERA. Like I said, it’s kind of tough to compare relievers, but I am going to go with Benoit. 

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