2012 College Football Week 12 Predictions: Penn State, Ole Miss, BYU, Tennessee, LSU, Miami and More


Obviously nowhere near the week I wanted last week on the week when I had the most units out there. But hey, it’s gambling. If you don’t learn something every single week, and update and make your system better, than you might as well just stop. The technology is changing and the book is changing, so you better too. Before I get into this weeks College Football Picks, I want to go over what happened last week, not just with my plays, but in the NCAA.

Moose (n): commonly known as an animal with antlers, but also a term that was created in the Age of Empire by those gambling when the right side ends up losing in the very end, ruining the hopes of all

This seemed to be the theme last week, not just with my plays, but all over.

Penn State +8.5: Up by 3 in the 4th Q. Nebraska scores to go up by 4. PSU then takes a safety to put Nebraska now up 6. PSU looks like they will get the ball back with only enough time for them to possibly come back. They turn it over in 1min5seconds on their own 20, sans timeouts. Nebraska needs a 1d for game to end. They don’t get it, and kick a fg to kill the cover.

Ole Miss -3: Up by as much as 17 in this one, gave a touchdown up with :52 left on a broken coverage play to lose the ML and cover.

Tennessee -3: Up the whole game, Mizzou throws a long TD on 4th and 12 at the end of the game to send it to OT. Should be expected with how bad Tenn and Dooley is, but still bad.

Northwestern ML: NW still covered, but a lot of sharps had NW ML in this one. Michigan ties the game with a ridiculous hail mary with 16 seconds left to get them in field position to kick the FG. They then win it in OT.

Miami +1: Canes get a safety to take a 5 point lead, and then get the ball back with 4 minutes left. End up coughing up a TD with 10sec left.

LSU – 14.5: Pick 6 when they were up 13 minutes, with barely any time left in the game. Shoot yourself in the head.

And the worst two are…

BYU – 40.5: Idaho is so so so bad first of all. They are up there in my “I could play any skill position and start for you” teams. BYU was up by 42 and Idaho has the ball. They punt with 8 seconds left deep into BYUs side of the field. BYU fumbles the punt. Idaho then decides to kick a meaningless fieldgoal instead of throwing one into the endzone, to cover the spread. hmmmmmmm.

Army +17.5: Army came out big for Veteran’s day, and Rutgers does what they have done all season. They let Army stay tied in the 4th Q 7-7. They score 2 TDs in the 4th Q, and as Army is just driving for a meaningless, feel good TD on Veterans day, they fumble. Rutgers returns it 73 yards for a TD. Did I mention it was Veterans day and the end of the game? What a bunch d***s. Not surprised though.

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