2012 Olympics Video: Synchronized Swimmers Daria Iushko, Kseniya Sidorenko Kiss in Pool

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For the briefest of moments, synchronized swimming captured the attention of each and every person watching the 2012 London Olympics on Tuesday morning. What happened that was so buzzworthy? Nothing major, really – just a kiss between Ukrainians Daria Iushko and Kseniya Sidorenko at the end of their set.

All of the usual questions flooded the internet immediately after they smooched: was that part of the routine? Is that how they congratulate each other in Ukraine? Can they show it again, maybe on loop?

Fortunately, the good folks at Yahoo! Sports were able to capture photos that sort of explain what happened:

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And then someone on Youtube re-created the special moment using photos:

It was not a part of their routine. I think.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainians did not earn a medal for their efforts. There’s always “Best Kiss” at the MTV Movie Awards, though.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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