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2012 Olympics Video: Melissa Tancredi Stomped on Carli Lloyd’s Head During USA vs. Canada

There were two major storylines floating around after Monday’s epic USA vs. Canada women’s soccer showdown.

The first, if you’re American, was mostly in regards to how much grit and heart our ladies have. How, despite the fact that they were down on three separate occasions, they dug deep and found a way to squeak out victory in a game that looked destined to go the other way.

If you’re Canadian, you likely subscribed to the second storyline. The one where your squad got absolutely, positively robbed thanks to inept officials, and the one where you were a couple of bad time-wasting and handball calls away from earning a win that was rightfully yours.

Unfortunately, the problem with most of the people who go with what’s behind door number two is their selective amnesia.

Yes, there were unquestionably some bad calls that hurt Canada during the game – but that’s standard operating procedure in any athletic event. Bad calls happen. Usually, though, the team on the wrong end of those calls doesn’t have the good fortune of leading on three separate occasions.

Today, Yahoo! Sports uncovered a good bit of evidence showing that bad calls and missed calls went against both teams in yesterday’s 4-3 showdown, and that they didn’t just hurt the Canadian side.

Check out what Melissa Tancredi did to Carli Lloyd:

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The moral here isn’t that America got hosed and that the Canadians got away with murder; rather, it’s that bad calls happen. Sometimes they go your way, sometimes they don’t. The measure of a good team is its ability to overcome each and every obstacle in its way, including shoddy officiating, en route to victory.

Team USA was able to do that on Monday afternoon – Canada wasn’t.

The better team won.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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