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2012 Olympics Video: Horse Goes Crazy, Throws South Korean Hwang Woojin Off

There are a million different sports constantly going on at the Olympics, and a billion little details about each sport that you have to keep track of.

Inevitably and totally understandably, certain headlines will slip through the cracks.

That said, things like what happened to South Korea’s Hwang Woojin at the modern pentathlon should probably not slip through the cracks.

This video tells the whole story:

Thankfully, according to Yahoo! News in India (the only source around aside from Deadspin who even reported on this incident), both the horse and rider are okay.

I can see how this wouldn’t be as interesting as whether or not Kobe Bryant is having sex with Stephanie Rice, or the world’s inability to impress Mckayla Maroney, but you would think it could get some attention.

Apparently not, though.

(Kudos Yahoo! News, Deadspin)

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