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2012 Olympics Video: Dawn Harper, Kellie Wells Really Seem to Hate Lolo Jones

There have been a lot of debates over the past week about whether it’s fair or unfair to criticize Lolo Jones for all the attention she gets. Some say that she hasn’t won a medal and, thus, doesn’t deserve to be discussed as much as she seems to get discussed. Others say that blaming her for the media’s decision to cover her is a bit unfair.

Predictably, the country is split on this subject.

Her teammates, however, are not.

On Wednesday morning, in an interview with Michelle Beadle of the NBC Sports Network, Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells made it abundantly clear that they think the criticism is fair. Via SportsGrid:

We can continue to argue this matter all we want, but Harper and Wells seem to have their minds made up.


(Kudos SportsGrid)

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