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2012 Olympics Video: Beach Volleyball Player Misty May-Treanor Celebrates Gold Medal with Nifty Dance

Misty May-Treanor went out in style on Wednesday. With the whole world watching and a gold medal on the line, she and longtime partner, Kerri Walsh Jennings, beat April Ross and Jennifer Kessy 21-16, 21-16 – good for their third consecutive gold

“This is my last match,” May-Treanor said afterward (via Fox Sports).

“Beach volleyball is not going to be my career anymore. It’s time for me to be a wife. I want to be a mom. I want to share this time with my family. All of us athletes sacrifice more of the family than people maybe realize. It's getting back to that. My mind says it's time, my body says it's time. It's the right time. It's time for me now to help the next generation.”

So, how did America’s favorite beach volleyball player celebrate her victory? Exactly the way you’d expect her to (via Twitter must-follow @cjzero):

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Hopefully, when Kobe Bryant retires in a few years, he’ll go out with the same exact moves.

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports, @cjzero, Fox Sports)

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