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2012 Olympics: Is USA Basketball the Only Thing Worth Watching?

The Olympics have started and for the life of me I can’t get myself to give a you-know-what about most of the events. If gymnastics is on I’ll give it a look, but there’s only a few things I’m going out of my way to see.

Here’s a list in no particular order:

  • Anything Usain Bolt related
  • Some things Michael Phelps related
  • A 24/7 loop of this. Don’t google image her. It will ruin the video…
  • The finals of tennis and soccer.
  • USA Basketball.

And that’s about it. If they had baseball still then I would watch the USA in that, but they don’t have baseball, because the Olympic committee is stupid. Golf will be cool, but that’s not till 2016.

Basketball is undoubtedly my first choice. There’s just something about watching the best players in the world play against everybody else. Here and there a team will have a couple solid NBA guys, some fringe D-leaguers or a bunch of solid overseas players, but the US should steamroll to the finals.

It will be fun to watch along the way. Having this collection of players is something any basketball fan should love to see. In the starting lineup you have the top-two MVP finishers, the best point guard since Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas, the reigning defensive player of the year and the best player of this century. How’s that for a starting unit?

Oh, what’s that? Someone’s in foul trouble or needs a breather?

That’s just fine, because the best pure scorer in the game (sorry Kevin Durant), Carmelo Anthony, is the 6th man. The back-up point guard is so good that if it wasn’t for Chris Paul, he would be the best PG of the 2000′s. And on and on down a list that, even with some injuries, is a compilation of the elite players of the NBA. We’re not talking about a team like 2004, where 9 of the 12 players had to be replaced with Emeka Okafor, Richard Jefferson and baby versions of Carmelo, LeBron and Wade. Take a look at this roster. It’s gross.

Hopefully everything works out and the Americans will square off against Spain in the finals. The Spanish team has had injury problems but they posses something the USA is certainly lacking – size. If Marc Gasol can stay healthy then their front line will have 3 all stars. Serge Ibaka and the Gasol brothers would be an imposing lineup for any team to play against – never mind one that who’s power forward varies on each possession.

Regardless, it’ll be entertaining to watch as the US plows their way through the French Frogs on Sunday.

PS – Are the Brits going to come out with an opening ceremony like China’s to flex their muscles a bit? Let people know that they’ve got Luol Deng on their basketball team and this time England means business?

PPS – Kevin Love took a hilarious picture of the team on a plane to London.

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