2012 Olympics: Should MMA Fighting be an Olympic Sport?


All the reasons are there for MMA to become an Olympic Sport according to Dana White.

A TMZ reporter caught up with White and asked him about his thoughts on MMA being in the Olympics.

"It should be [an Olympic sport]," said White. "If you think about it now, in boxing you get punched in the head and body, judo you can do throws and submissions, taekwondo you can kick and punch and in wrestling you can do takedowns and throws. All those things are what the UFC is— Mixed Martial Arts. You're just putting them all together."

When the reporter hinted if White would try to have the sport added to the Olympics, White made it clear that he has a full-time job as UFC President.

"It's not my job," said White. "I'm not heading out the whole … I got enough sh*t to do."

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