2012 Olympics Results: Team USA Beats Nigeria by 83 Points (Game Recap)

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U.S.A. 156 vs NIGERIA 73

Had this game kept going, Team U.S.A. would've burned down London because their shooting was completely hot.

How do you even analyze and recap a game like this?! Team U.S.A. obliterated the word 'obliterate' with this performance against Nigeria. An 83-point win? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING, RIGHT? The 156 points scored is an all-time Olympic record.

How did it happen? Well, Nigeria let Team U.S.A. fire away. The Americans scored 49 points in the first period (which is only 10 minutes, by the way). Never looking back is an understatement; Nigeria was not even in the rear-view mirror by halftime. Check this out: U.S.A. went 29 for 46 behind the arc.


As far as individual performances go, Carmelo Anthony broke the American olympic record for points (Stephon Marbury had 31 in 2004). He scored 37 points. 10 for 12 behind the arc. And he did it all in 14 minutes! In fact, all but Tyson Chandler, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James made a three-pointer.

Team U.S.A. assisted on 38 out of 59 field goals. They shot 71.1 percent overall and 63 percent behind the arc. Mindboggling. In comparison to the Dream Team, the '92 team's biggest margin of victory in the Olympics was 68 (against Angola). Dream Team beat Cuba in the Tournament of Americas by 79. So you guys can go to town on that.

And you guys can all go to town on this box score: U.S.A./NIGERIA BOX SCORE. If only threes were allowed for Team U.S.A., they still would've won, 87-73.

But Nigeria can think positive! "At least, we scored 73 points on Team U.S.A.!"

Team U.S.A. draws Lithuania on Thursday.

PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Segar/Reuters.

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