2012 Olympics Results: Kevin Durant Leads Team USA Past Argentina (Game Recap)

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U.S.A. 126 vs ARGENTINA 97

After that tough game against Lithuania, Team U.S.A. had another rough go at it in the first half with one of their more formidable opponents, Argentina.

While Team U.S.A. got caught in a lot of one-on-one play and three-point chucking, Argentina had beautiful ball movement and shot the ball well. There wasn't much defense played on either side as Team U.S.A. led Argentina at the half, 60-59.

Told you there wasn't much defense then.

Then Team U.S.A. turned it up in the second half. It started with LeBron James posting up for a few straight baskets. Then Kevin Durant became unstoppable. He made five three-pointers in the third quarter. The last 3-pointer was a 30-footer that Dan Majerle could be proud of.

Carmelo Anthony made a buzzer-beating 3 (that put the U.S. lead up to 24) at the end of the 3rd... and he was greeted with a punch to the jewels by Argentinian point guard Facundo Campazzo. Campazzo was retaliating after he himself got punched in the groin by Chris Paul. It seemed to get more chippy despite the impending blowout.

Russell Westbrook decided to take his displeasure in the air.

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Talk about no regard for human life. James Harden punctuates the victory with a 3 of his own. That was pretty jerky of him.

Durant scored 17 of his 28 points in the third quarter and made 8 for 10 3-pointers. LeBron had 18 points and CP3 had 17 points. Manu Ginobili led Argentina with 16 points. Team U.S.A. went 20/40 behind the arc.

The elimination tournament starts on Wednesday. Team U.S.A. draws Australia in the quarterfinals.


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