2012 Olympics Photos: Belgian Cyclist Gijs Van Hoecke Got Really Drunk, Wet His Pants

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If you’ve been watching the 2012 London Olympics but find yourself unfamiliar with Gijs Van Hoecke, there might be two reasons for that.

First, it could because he’s a cyclist. All the love that NBC has given cycling notwithstanding, it’s an absolute bore to watch on TV. You blocking out the sport and its nameless, random participants would not be particularly shocking.

The other reason you might be unfamiliar with this kid, though, is because he didn’t win anything. In his only race worth mentioning, the 20-year-old Belgian finished 9th.

You’ll know who he is after today.

In our latest example of what happens when partying goes wrong, here is Van Hoecke serving as a PSA for why you should not drink excessively:

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(via TMZ)

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(via the Mirror)

There is really no joke out there that would be funnier than those pictures, so I won’t even bother.

(Kudos TMZ, Mirror)

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