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2012 Olympics: Michael Phelps is Really Mad About His Swimming Cap

There are a lot of important issues to take note of when discussing the 2012 London Olympics.

This year, every single country participating sent at least one woman. What that means in terms of how far the rest of the world has come and what it means for women in the future is huge and definitely warrants a discussion.

Also, before the London games even officially got under way, we had our first culturally insensitive gaffe. (There will be more.)

During a women’s soccer match between North Korea and Colombia, whoever was in charge of the scoreboard for the game put up a South Korean flag where the North Korean one should have been. That caused a delay and (perhaps inadvertently) stirred up an interesting debate regarding whether or not the North Korean women had a reason to be offended.

There are plenty of important things to gnaw on as it pertains to this year's Olympics. There are also some very, very, very unimportant "problems."

Case in point: Michael Phelps’ beef with his swimming cap. Recently, Phelps tweeted a picture of his head garb plus this message:

“Front and back of our caps We used to be able to have front and back side with flags but for some reason there are rules that tell us we cant do that anymore? Smh gotta love an organizing committee telling us we can’t do that anymore.”

Image placeholder title

The problem here, as noted by the San Francisco Chronicle, is that a new rule restricts caps to only having one side of garbage on them versus the two that used to be permitted.

Here are the caps that have been allowed through the years, via the Chronicle:

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The lesson here? Michael Phelps is a big, whiny baby and that this is not a real problem. (But still, bring home the gold for us.)

(Kudos San Francisco Chronicle)

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