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2012 Olympics: How are South Carolina People Doing?

This post is going up before NBC gets around to letting you see the tape of the events from earlier today.  If you're going to watch and don't want the surprise ruined check the story tomorrow.  If you already know or don't want to wait, click read more.

In the women's 400 m hurdles, Lashinda Demus of USC and USA took home the silver medal with a season best 52.77.  She was 0.07 away from the gold, but we're pretty proud of the silver.

In the men's 110 m hurdles South Carolina's Jason Richardson won the silver behind fellow American Aries Merritt (from University of Tennessee.)

If the University of South Carolina Alumni were competing together as a country, USC would be tied for 62nd in the world right now.  Natasha Hastings can still compete and will probably run in the 4 x 400 relay which will take place Friday and Saturday. 

A gold in that event is a real possibility since Hastings is part of the relay team with the fastest time in the world this year.

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