2012 NFL Week 9 Recap, Analysis: Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings


I can’t thank Russell Wilson enough for playing as well as he did after all of the praise I threw his way last week. As right as I was about Wilson’s abilities this week, though,that is how wrong I was about what kind of game this was going to be.

I may have expected a lot of rushing yards, but 182 by Adrian Peterson alone? Wow.

Seattle didn’t look great on offense early on. There were two drops on the first drive alone, but luckily for the Seahawks this wasn’t a sign of things to come. They were great on offense after that first drive, and seemed unstoppable for much of the first half. Russell Wilson was 10/14 to finish the half and three of those incompletions were drops. The play calling was fantastic too, and even included a throw by Sidney Rice.

Marshawn Lynch was fantastic as always in this duel between two of the league’s best at the running back position, and really helped Russell Wilson work his magic with the play action. Overall the Seahawks played the kind of football on offense that they need to every week, and couldn’t have looked more comfortable in that first half. The second half was more of the same, with continued great play by the offensive line, and an increased workload for Lynch and Turbin in the backfield to seal the deal. If Seattle can play offense like this every week, the league should be on notice.

On defense as great as Seattle in the passing game, they were equally awful in the rushing game. Adrian Peterson ran all over this defense, and made it look easy in the process. Nothing Seattle tried seemed to work and he was making big plays more often than not. This is starting to become an area of concern for the Seahawks after the 49ers tore them apart in the rushing game two weeks ago as well. Luckily for Seattle AP couldn’t play quarterback too though, and they made Ponder look like the uncomfortable rookie we were accustomed to seeing last season.

The pass rush was relentless, and receivers struggled to get open. An injury to Percy Harvin's ankle didn’t really help matters either. Seattle’s defense was even able to seal the victory with a late interception by gargantuan cornerback Brandon Browner, somewhat atoning for their awful play in defending the run. Further proof of their dominance in defending the pass can be found in Ponders numbers. He finished with 63 yards 0TD and 1INT on the day. Thats about a third of what AP got.

Seattle played great in every phase of the game, and deserved the win in what was an unexpectedly exciting game to watch. They outcoached the Vikings, and outplayed them AP aside; even taking into account his fantastic game they didn’t hit 250 yards on offense. If Seattle can play every game like this, determined to out hit, out coach, and out play their opponents there is no reason why they can’t get into the playoffs, especially with an easy schedule ahead of them. Can’t wait to see what they do to Sanchez’s Jets next week.


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